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The delicious Venezuelan food

    Today I want to present you with a very typical dish in our food, they call it "cruzado" because it has meat, chicken and fish, but I also added a beef leg that not only gives it taste but also feeds a lot. For a long time I have heard about the benefits of eating this part of the beef. They say it is very good because it contains collagen and all women know how necessary it is for us to consume this, they say that eating the leg of beef is also good for the joints, tendinitis and also helps the growth of nails, hair and what I liked most of all this issue is that it provides me with the collagen I need to have beautiful skin. I can tell you that since I found out about all this I now consume more beef, chicken or pork feet.

    Many times we only eat but we don't think that we should have quality and not quantity in the food that we eat daily, I think that if many of us thought a little more about that perhaps we would have more health. There is a friend who always tells me "I eat to live and I don't live to eat". It's just a matter of consuming what we need and now, why exaggerate, as another saying goes "Everything in excess is bad" so I invite you to reflect a little and take care of your health, your body will thank you.

    These days I've had some pretty hectic days because I've had a lot of work in my sewing workshop and I thank God for that, even so I don't want to stop participating in some things I'm already used to like for example the wonderful contest of my friend @Qurator's who week after week brings us the wonderful food contest Qurator's: Hive Top Chef! | Soup!

Chicken, fish and beef rib soup

    Today I want to present a very famous soup in the diet of the Venezuelan, it is called "Cruzado" because it has these 3 types of meat that gives a succulent flavor to our palate.

    On Sunday I went to the market early to buy the vegetables I needed to make the soup, then I came home and continued cooking the meat, the leg and the jojoto in a pressure stove. Meanwhile, my niece and I peeled the vegetables, all kinds, I like to put auyama, bananas, potatoes, everything so that it tastes good and produces enough for everyone.

    We put a bigger pot on the fire with water according to the amount of soup you are going to make, remember that you have to calculate the broth that comes after the pressure cooker. When the rib and the leg are done, we put everything together in the soup pot and season it with plenty of seasoning, like celeri, chives, onions, garlic porro, paprika, chili, garlic, we chop all that and add it to the pot. We put salt to taste and let it cook for about 20 minutes and then add the chicken well cleaned and chopped in pieces.

Sharing with family and friends is the best part of making soup

    In this part I did it a little differently, in a separate pot I put a little broth from the soup and a little bit of water, I added the heads and let them cook for about 5 minutes with a little bit of salt, then I strained all that and put the broth in the soup, I did this because there are many children who came to eat and I did not want to cause an accident with any thorns.

I ask you not to throw the shells away

    Did you know that with the shells of the vegetables you peeled you can generate wellbeing to the plants, I don't vote for any of this, I accumulate everything in a pot and when we finish we accumulate them in the patio and leave them there and then stir them with soil to form good fertilizer to plant goals in our garden. I have been bringing this habit with me since I lived in my parents' house, teach your children to love the planet and not to waste anything.

"🍆 Spice up your life"

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I'm a soup person myself. I could never go one week without a hot bowl of soup; I do prefer those home boiled soup rather than the instant ones. Because I come from a Chinese family, to us boiling soup must be at least more than 1 hour to ensure the flavours truly come out. And I don't like adding seasoning so no salt or pepper.. the best is flavours from the meat and sweetness from the vegetables. Now that's the best soup for me

I love it too, I try to vary it a little so as not to tire my children, one week I make them cre de auyama and another week I simply cook them chicken soup, they love it. Thanks for your support and I'm glad you liked it.

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