Falafels with tahini dressing and homemade pita bread

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The other day I bought a bag of dried chickpeas. I didn't think it through. In order to cook chickpeas that are dried than soaked, you need time on the stove. That is one thing I do not have living with my mother in-law who does not welcome us in the kitchen but doesn't say we can't use it. Honestly I'm kind of afraid of her,

After I put some chickpeas in a jar and soaked it with water I put it in the fridge and knew that I would have to do something with them that didn't require a long boiling process.

Falafels would have to be made since they can be made from the uncooked state. They just have to be soaked and ground to a paste.


Falafel mix
4 cup ground chickpeas that have been soaked overnight
1 cup chopped parsley
Few sprigs of chives ( you could use a chopped spring onion)
1 teaspoon baking soda
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 teaspoon cumin
Chickpea flour
Add a little chickpea flour a little at a time until you can grab it and make balls or patties.

Put them in the fridge for a while for best results. I didn't bother.

I normally don't deep fry anything but today I held nothing back. I needed to have a delicious breakfast since it was already 5 p.m. and we hadn't had anything to eat because of chores and other obstacles.

I went to get some fuel for the camping stove so we could cook outside and stay out of the way in the kitchen.

My mother in-law went to the pharmacy and my father in-law wasn't home yet from dialysis, so this is when I quickly blitzed up the chickpeas and got them ready.

Later I added parsley and other ingredients.


The pita bread was made with around 5 cups of flour, 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoon olive oil salt and 1 teaspoon of instant yeast.

I am not an expert baker so I just add a little flour and oil until I have the consistency I'm looking for. It always works anyway.


The oven here is missing a bottom element so I use a pan on the stove. After it's brown I put them aside then finish them on the barbecue where we also finished the falafels to get everything hot at once.


Falafels are almost always deep fried but I have baked them in the oven. This time I fried them in the pan until they were brown then on the barbecue just to finish.




I put lettuce, tomato, onion, radish and avocado. The falafels I have had from the middle eastern food restaurants often have a turnip pickle in them which I love but I didn't want to go to the store. I put avocado which is not traditional for falafels but I didn't see how it could hurt. It was good.


Tahini sauce
1/3 cup tahini (sesame paste)
Juice of 2 lemons
2 tablespoons olive oil
4 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon pepper
salt to taste
Water to thin out if necessary



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This looks really good! I think you just gave me an idea for my lunch today, thank you 🙂

Thank you glad to help with that haha.

Your photography and your recipe very good!!! It’s really delicious.

Thank you so much!!!😊

Damn it woman - I LITERALLY have a list of dishes to try/cook based on your posts. We often make hummus (as in most weeks) but haven't made falafel in EONS. I'm feeling inspired cos the thing that always stops me is that I choose not to eat fried food much. haha - problem SOLVED!!!

I feel guilty for doing them but I didn't stick them in a deep fryer. I would have baked them but I don't have a proper oven. This was not a guilt free dinner for sure. I really enjoyed it though haha.

Thanks @artemislives!

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Looks delicious! I might get me a Berlin falafel right now and eat it in the sun in the park ;)
Enjoy your weekend!

Thanks @luca1777 enjoy!

It looks very delicious my friend @carolynstahl I made Arab bread in a frying pan and they were very good for me, the cumbersome thing was the dough but yours looks easier.

Thanks I am not a serious bread maker so I just kind of feel my way through haha.

Wow! Would love to try this! Looking so yummy!

Thank you it's easy to make if you have chickpeas.

I've always liked chickpeas, but don't think I've ever had falafel. 🤔

turnip pickle...? I've never heard of such! But I love turnips, so I might have to look for these sometime! I always love slicing turnip root and eating it, whether raw or cooked! 😋

I always cringe when I hear the word "tahini" 😬 Years ago when my husband was still alive, we got a wild hair to make our own hummus. We bought all the ingredients, and carefully followed a recipe we found online. It was so pungent and salty, it was completely inedible. After some checking, I discovered the culprit was the jar of tahini I'd bought. (I'd never bought tahini before, nor cooked with it, so I had no idea what it was like.) I double-checked the recipe to be sure I had measured the appropriate amount of tahini, and it was right on the mark with what I used. I went out and bought more chickpeas to put into it, hoping to tone-down the violent saltiness and pungency of the tahini. It didn't work and the hummus remained too salty and had an "in your face" flavor that was intolerable. I tried again, and failed again. We ended up throwing it out, which I hate doing as I was taught as a child to never waste food. 🙁

NOTE: I do not have a delicate palate. I am heavy-handed with Cajun seasoning on food, I don't mind "fishy-tasting" fish (like catfish), and I eat plenty of other strongly-flavored foods like onions, garlic, spicy brown mustard, and so forth. If I can't eat a food, there is definitely something wrong with it! LOL! i don't know what the heck was up with that tahini, but I don't think I will ever try that again. I will stick with store-bought hummus.

Hahahha so funny!!! You know I have never gotten a tahini that was salty ever. I didn't even know it existed, The sauce I make for the falafels only gets the salt that I put in it and it's so simple and delicious. You had a bad experience that is a shame. I think you got tahini that was already prepped to be eaten. You have to look for sesame paste. You shouldn't miss out on falafels. They are something you should try once in your life.