vegan bolognese quick and easy with kale basil pesto

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Feeling pretty hungry after not eating yesterday with the exception of smoothies. We almost got to make dinner but when we took our things outside to cook, my mother in-law suddenly decided it was time to start hosing things down. As I began to prep stuff her mood changed from decent to extremely agitated. I told Mark that it looked like rain so forget it. We packed everything up put it back in the fridge and went to the park. She didn't offer to have us cook in the kitchen. She never tells us not to but at that point she knew she had chased us away with her complaints in the yard. I don't like this atmosphere around my food so we just didn't eat. I guess two smoothies and some cherries from a tree we found was plenty compared to what many people get in the world.

Today we ate. My mother in-law took trip to the dollar store which would give me around fifteen to twenty minute to fix something fast and clean up.

I know I complain quite a bit about her but we feel a little peeved that they beg us to come to their place then don't support us. In the past if Marc didn't call for two days there would be attitude. We thought this time would be good after four months out of the country,and lockdown, but we were wrong. We are looking for jobs now in hopes that we can get out. We long to have our own space. Lockdown really put a damper on everything.

Anyway on with the bolognese and pesto.

I gathered some roma tomatoes, shallots, onion, garlic, walnuts and some textured soy which we don't use often but it was there and was a perfect addition to a bolognese. I didn't have time to saute anything so I put the romas in a blender with the garlic and shallots, and chopped the onions and walnuts then threw them into the pot.


I added around a cup of vegetable soup broth that I had left in the fridge and around a cup of strained tomatoes.


While everything was simmering I boiled water for pasta then ran out to get some kale and basil to make a pesto.


The pesto was made with a bunch of kale around two cups chopped, a few sprigs of basil some chives, a handful of walnuts, juice of a lemon, around three tablespoons olive oil, salt and pepper.


One reason we ate pasta today is for it's quickness to make and we like it al dente so less time.

We just cooked the sauce long enough to get it thoroughly cooked than it was done.


In an ideal situation I would cook the sauce for quite a while to render it down but it was still cooked well. The onions and garlic were cooked well and that's what matters in my opinion

I always prefer to saute onions and garlic in order to bring out the flavors but this was very flavorful anyway.


I made five times more than we could eat. It's the old saying that the eyes are bigger than the stomach.


Each day I manage to slip in some kale from the garden into food or drinks. It's a great thing to have right now. It can be stored in the ground instead of taking up room in the fridge.

Thanks for stopping by!

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I like it so much my friend! Your food looks beautiful and delicious. 👍

Thank you my friend!

That looks amazing @carolynstahl.

Thank you, I appreciate that @justinparke.

I haven’t come across textured soy before, where would it be? Frozen? Dried? Fridge? It looks like cous cous.