Hive Top Chef! - Shakshuka with creamy Avocado Fan

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Shakshuka, a popular Middle Eastern breakfast dish which originated in Tunisia, North Africa, served with a creamy delicious Avocado fan.


During our severe lockdown, friends' Avocado trees have been bearing fruit in abundance and they've been unable to share it with friends and family, but as we have more freedom of movement now, hubby dropped by and picked up a bag full of gorgeous giant avocados and they started ripening just in time to make something special for @qurator's HIVE TOP CHEF!
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Avo tree photos taken by my friend @artywink who's been absent from Hive...hint...hint...


This fruit, yes it is not a vegetable; was originally named alligator pear by an Irishman in 1696.
Pear shaped variety


Avocado skin can be toxic to cats and dogs so although your pet can safely eat the flesh, do not give them the skin!
Round shaped Avocado


Spanish and Portuguese Conquistadors discovered that the milky liquid from an avocado seed turns red when exposed to air and used this as ink.
Some documents written with the seed ink are still preserved today.


Avocado has much more potassium than bananas; potassium decreases the risk of stroke, lowers blood pressure and preserves bone mineral density. Avocado also helps improve LDL levels and further contains glutathione which boosts the immune system.
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Enough Avocado facts for now; let's get cooking for Hive Top Chef!

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  • 1 Onion, finely diced
  • 2 cloves Garlic, crushed
  • 4 Jam Tomatoes, peeled and cubed
  • Fresh Sweet Basil, diced
  • 1 tsp Brown Sugar
  • Cayenne Pepper & Salt
  • 3 Eggs
  • 1 Avocado
    Drop tomatoes into a jug of hot boiled water for a couple of minutes, drain and see how easy the skins peel off.


Sautee onions & garlic in a little olive oil, add tomatoes, basil, sugar & seasoning and cook gently till thick.

Spoon into deep pan with a lid, make three wells using the back of a spoon and gently break eggs into the wells.
Place lid on and steam gently till eggs are done.

Serve with a creamy Avocado fan.

To fan Avocados, cut in half, peel, turn onto cut side and slice thinly, gently push on side to fan out the avocados on serving plate.




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Did not know avo pip was used for ink in days gone, interesting bit of knowledge gleaned there.

I really must stop visiting when I am hungry, your plates of food always totally look and sound delicious.

Have an amazing new week!


I also learnt this now only, quite amazing how nature provided more than just food in ancient times! Thanks for popping in Joan, have a great weekend:)
We got some fresh sardines during the week from friends, really need to take a drive down the coast again!

Yes always something new to learn, when researching certain things amazing facts can be found.

Enjoy your sardines take it you will be marinating them into some tasty dish!

Would really love a bite of some of the larger fish that follow, nothing beats fresh like straight from the sea.

That looks delicious and wonderful presentation. Having it with the super food I am sure brings in loads of benefits.

I'll definitely be poaching eggs like this again, was delicious indeed, thank you for popping in!

Love your Foodie post!

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Thank you very much @sajannair and @foodiesunite!

That was a beautiful post. Those avocados are the best I've ever seen and the dish looks delicious. I wish I had an avocado tree. It's like a gold tree.

Thank you @carolynstahl! We used to have a tree but had to remove it as the roots started to cause problems wuth underground stormwater pipes, I was really upset as it had just started bearing, was still a young tree that my gran gave me. We tried transplanting it but it didn't survive!

I'm wondering how do you scoop the avocado out from the skin.
And cutting it thinly, that seems like a huge task

It really isn't so difficult, usually the avo skin pulls off easily but I had to use a knife here and there with this one, the skin was quite hard and almost brittle. I often slice or cube it while still in the skin and then slide a spoon underneath to scoop it out, doesn't fan nicely then though but it fine for adding to a salad. Thank you for commenting @ireenchew!

Looks delicious for breakfast. Thanks for telling about the ink, I am studying Paleography and I had to make some ink to write as the scribes did in ancient times, it was very stressing, I felt pity for them, nowdays is so easy.

That's must be such an interesting subject @ladyfont, glad you found this useful, I was fascinated to learn this fact! Thank you for your feedback, good luck with your studies.

Eden and I had eggs like this in Israel - I really must try to make them. Thanks for posting with the recipe. Photographs are superb.

I believe this is popular in Israel, it really is so delicious, thank you @pandamama!

No, it's you I have to thank for the recipe. Definitely one for the ebook

I love avocado 🥑

These ones were so creamy, really delicious! Thank you for popping in @nathanmars!


Thank you:)

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