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When it's cold outside and there are hungry mouths to be fed, soup is just the thing to warm the cockles so to speak, but a bowl of steaming hot nourishing Vegetable Soup needs at the very least an hour to cook up.

However, when time is of the essence, a speedy No-Cook Blender Soup is the perfect way to serve a real nourishing meal as most of the ingredients are raw so the vitamin and mineral content is not cooked to death!


I had forgotten about this really refreshing and delicious Instant Soup that was being demonstrated at a Garden & Home Exhibition Show some years ago; obviously promoting a super-duper blender, which I did not buy as it was way over-priced.

So my good old food processor started the job today to chop up the veggies good and proper!

This is more of a method as one can use any kind of veggie that can be eaten raw, but this is what I used:

No-cook Blender Soup

  • 2 Carrots
  • Bunch of Spring Onions
  • Couple of Celery stalks
  • Nasturtium leaves
  • Handful of young Kale
  • Comfrey
  • Defrosted Baby Peas
  • 1 Tomato
  • Approx 1/2 cup Rolled Oats to thicken the soup
  • 3 Cups hot Veggie Stock
  • Paprika, Salt & Cayenne Pepper

Dice veggies roughly into smaller pieces, place into food processor or blender if your is a super-duper one.

Add hot Veggie Stock, Oats & seasoning & blend very well.





I made a bit of a mess as I tried adding the liquid to the food processor, but then popped it all into my trusted blender and my No-cook Blender Vegetable Soup was born, but needed more seasoning!


Served into soup bowls and popped into the microwave for about a minute to warm through and help the oats swell and thicken the soup, and it's time to sit down and enjoy a good nourishing soup loaded with vitamins and minerals!

It really was way more tasty than soup that's been cooked for hours!





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This has been my contribution for the exciting weekly @qurator foodie contest,
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Oh wow.. I never thought of oats as a soup thickener.. quick and easy! Yum.

Have you seen the vegan challenge for this month?

Nooo...I have not popped into Naturalmedicine for a while, been sooo hectic here with cooking for guests; hence the late instant soup for Qurator. I will definitely have a look, really am missing too much happening here on Hive! I get so disappointed when my day's run out and I find myself falling asleep in front of the pc or my phone!
PS Oats works really well as a thickener and binder in many dishes.

This is so nutritious. Nasturtium grew in my garden when I lived with the folks but I didn't use them. Darn what a waste. This looks very powerful and delicious. I love that you used oats. I will have to try that.

All the best!

I'm so behind in my responses, it's almost time for the next contest! Thank you for thenicefeedback @carolynstahl, I just love nasturtiums, pity you no longer have any but I'm sure you'll make an excellent blender soup especially now that you're in winter.

This is an excellent idea. Especially if you are using brassicas that don't like being cooked. You have me thinking

I'm sure you'll come up with something really good Fiona! My apologies for the late response, really appreciate your feedback.
PS had to Google that word brassicas ;)

Oh dear! Sorry! My father was a horticulturist...

No worries. I know you are busy.

Happy Sunday

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I learnt a new word so thank you, enjoy your Sunday as well:)

I really love this idea Lizelle - and the great thing is that I love soup - so will be having plenty - we still haven't had any cold weather yet though. I shouldn't complain because it is definitely a little cooler now.

It really works well and tastes different to soups that's been cooked to death. Sure you'll enjoy it @pandamama! Thanks for popping in;)

Excellent idea @lizelle! Love this. Might have to give a version a go myself soon!

I'm sure you'll make a perfect version of this and as you're going into winter it's the perfect time to try it, plus it's a really great time saver, thanks for popping in!

Very nice soup!!! Good luck for your entry.

Thank you so much @sreypov.

So nice @lizelle, It must be so tasty and yummy. Good luck with your entry, cheers, ainie

Thank you for stopping by ainee, your soup was lovely I must say!

Thank you @lizelle, are you gonna be cooking curry this week? Take care, cheers, ainie

This is indeed a very clever and fast way to enjoy hot nourishing soup.
I sure miss my food processor that works the same magic

It's really a nice quick way to make a nourishing hot soup, thank you for popping in @ireenchew!

What a great idea - love it.

Hope you try it @leelektrik!