Japanese food for a hot day / 暑い日には日本料理

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It was quite hot last two weeks. As there is no AC in a regular house in Germany, I overcome the heat with Japanese food, especially southern Japanese food.

I fried bitter melon from my garden with tofu and veggies. An egg is added in the end.


The blight colors already made me feel comfortable while I was cooking. I sweated a lot and felt refreshed through cooking & eating summer veggies. I'm happy that food from my home country helped me to manage the hot days 😊Natural medicine, including food helps us a lot.

Some more hot days will come but I already see the end of the summer.







@akipponn, This looks so natural and amazing. Also i have to say that this Bowl is filled with Natural Abundance. Stay blessed.

Thanks @chireerocks! It is a nice interpretation. The abundance certainly gives me energy to survive hot summer😊

Welcome. 🙂