Bunnies, Breakfasts and beautiful Blooms by a Buzzy Silver Bee

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Loving Autumn and Loving Life as a Silver right now; there are many benefits, such as doing stuff as and when you can, not being restricted to lunchtimes or weekends!

So, hubby now often pops into the restaurant next to his hairdresser where they serve some of the best Bunny Chows in town.
He comes home well groomed and well-fed at the same time; no wonder when you look at the size of this meal; a quarter loaf of bread filled with a spicy Lamb curry, aka Quarter Lamb Bunny Chow!


A Bunny Chow is a Durban Specialty, served in Indian Restaurants, and there are many legends around their origin...

  • Some say this was an invention of neccesity; serving curry inside a loaf of hollowed out bread so that sugarcane workers had an edible receptacle for their lunchtime meals.
  • Another legend says that it started with the horrid Apartheid system whereby only whites were allowed inside restaurants, but a clever chef came up with the idea of smuggling curry out by hiding it inside a loaf of bread and giving it to the sugarcane workers through the kitchen window.

One is supposed to eat a Bunny Chow by hand, but I still have not mastered that art so also use cutlery when eating this delicious curry soaked bread.

I prefer a takeout Broad Bean Roti as I've been nursing soon-to-be 90 year old Mom Lily who fractured her ankle and still is battling to walk on her own again!


Nothing like enjoying a glass of a good South African Cabernet Sauvignon red wine at the end of the day to relax and contemplate the happenings of the day; of which there have been many, some really disturbing and a little too close to home these past few months!


Despite threats and talk of a Covid third wave, our little BnB Lily's Cottage is still being kept busy with business guests from all walks of life coming and going with some of our leisure guests slowly returning.

Everyone knows that the tourism industry was one of the hardest hit industries by Covid, so we feel especially thankful for being kept busy.

In order to keep contact with guests to the bare minimum, we've been offering self-service Continental Breakfasts by leaving all the breakfast provisions in their units.

Some guests however still want a hot cooked breakfast, often very early as they're here for business and need to get on the road early.

So this old Silver gal who is NOT a morning person, does as much prepping the night before, which also offers the opportunity of providing something a little different to the usual Bacon & Eggs.
This week we had a Meat lover and a Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian (eats eggs and dairy products but no meat), so it was a little more work, but food prepping has never frightened me; in fact I do enjoy a challenge, just not too early in the morning!!!

I made crustless mini Ham & Cheese Quiches as well as Spinach & Feta Quiches the night before as well as a Basil Tomato & Onion Sauce, both quick to heat up in the microwave. All I had to cook with sleepy eyes still half closed, was Pork Sausages and Vegan Sausages.
The guests thankfully were happy I must say!


Walking through our Autumn garden at any time of the day in between doing my BnB admin, is a real bonus and a balm to the soul.
Now that the heat of summer has died down, the various types of Ferns are doing very well.


The Lollipops beautifully trimmed by our skilled gardener.


Vitamin C ready to be picked - our Pomelo tree is laden with ripe fruit filled with sweetish juice which we enjoy every morning, just in time to build up the immune system before winter.


The beautiful Barberton Daisies are slowly coming into bloom again, a semblance to the picture of happiness such as I've found in my Silver years!

Barberton daisy.jpg

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Lovely food and a beautiful garden. The simple pleasures in life. And both provided by your BnB. I hope your guests appreciates that. 😊

Have a great Sunday!

Thank you @quotes-haven, we believe they do appreciate it all especially the tranquility. We have a mild climate so it stays green throughout the year, we do feel very blessed here. Have a wonderful Sunday🌻🌻🌻


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Thank you @luvshares and @crrdlx 🤗

Hello @lizelle that's too delicious, do you know we call it Rajma Roti in India. By the way home your mother get well soon.
Keep flourishing!

Thanks for that @praditya, do you know just how good that would be. I'll try to remember and impress my Indian friends next time, I love all rotis! Always great seeing you here🤗

Good day @lizelle, a beautifully written post and such awesome landscape. I particularly liked those lollipop bushes.
The fruit, flowers and ferns (say that three times fast) hehe look so perfect.
Glad you enjoying some nice weather there. And yes, awesome you are still busy with the BnB. Hope the monkeys are behaving themselves.🐒😉

I'm so glad you enjoyed this post, and yes we are truly blessed to still be busy. Fruit, flowers & ferns times three quite a tongue twister :):)
We're not seeing so many monkeys nowadays as there's not much food around for them; they're actually getting quite cheeky now when we do see them. We were so upset today as a neighbour cut down a mango tree that was doing absolutely no harm! So there goes another source of food for them! These people think the tree roots is getting into their sewer pipes and it's absolute nonsense as we have the same problem but have special rods that our gardener uses to pull the plant roots out. The municipality used asbestos pipes, they're ancient, and it's seed and soil that lands inside and starts germinating, definitely not tree roots!
Some people just won't listen though!
Anyway, thank you for your nice comments @farm-mom xxx

Very nice post and photos. And happy mothers day. !LUV

Awe thank you @crrdlx :)




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Yum yum, I quite fancy that bunny chow!

A Bunny Chow really is the best and is super easy to make, just hollow out a loaf of bread and fill it with a good spicy curry and wait for the gravy to soak in, really yum! Thanks for popping in @meesterboom ;)

That's what drew me, I love a spicy curry and imagining it all soaking into that crust. Mm mmm!!

You need to taste a real Durban Curry, some would call this a Mean Bunny Chow, hot but full of flavour😋

Oofty, yes. Don't suppose you happen to have a recipe? 😃


Oh my God! I’m salivating! Can you send me some? I’m currently in Nigeria

I can only send a virtual serving for now;)

It all looks awesome

Thank you!

I was in KZN, last week and did not even have a bunny chow!!

No @rynow, how could you! But you can always make your own😉

This looks sooooo good! I've been looking for a few new recipes to test out and try and always enjoy the Autumn vibes and the foods that go with it.

Thank you so much!

Ah Lizelle what a lovely post. Not even 7am and I was craving that Bunny Chow.

I'm sure you'll be able to put one together over on your side of the world 😉

We came close - at least we had a curried chicken last night for dinner.