Fresh Roasted Chicken !!

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Don't get carried away with my post topic. There is no roasted chicken however this one is before the chicken get roasted.


Everyone loves chicken, but always craving for thr poultry one does not give much taste, so this sunday me and my brother decided to enjoy a local home grown Chicken. After spending almost an hour we get to convince an owner in our village to sell his chicken. The demand is less because the prices of these were quite high.


Thats true, this one cost us much more than what we get from the poultry or local chicken shop. Ultimately, the find is of great bet as it weigh approx 1.350 kg which is sufficient for two of us.


The dashing look of it does allow me to take few picture before it get butchered and cooked. I couldn't stand up in the shop to get the brutal scene captured so ultimately , I went home, and later join after an hour to enjoy the delicies. Still I have the following beauty moment captured and stayed with me.




I did savor the taste of the fresh chicken, and this one is totally different from what we get from the poultry chicken. Trully amazing chicken experince. But somewhere I do feel for the loss of life. The red beauty cock and some fine moments.


Namaste @steemflow


I'm shocked and speechless and extremely disappointed. 😟

I can understand, many veg lover and vegan people will surely be disappointed......but that is how things goes...

Yeah it is different when yu see the animal being killed.

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True words, ...