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It is a pretty rare occurrence that @mrsbozz goes out of town without me. This weekend was one of the few exceptions as she went down to Dayton, OH to hang out with her sister and watch our niece play in a softball tournament.

They were actually supposed to meet up in Ft. Wayne, IN, but the tournament there got cancelled which forced them to find a different tournament in a different location.

All of these plans were in place before Covid-19 really picked up, so when I knew she was going to be out of town I contacted my friend to see if he wanted to do some fishing over the weekend.

Sadly, because Covid came along, he hasn't even gotten his boat out of storage. With fishing off the table, I decided to smoke a pork shoulder instead.

I headed to the butcher shop and asked them if they had any pork shoulders. The guy came out of the back cooler with a monster 25 pound pork shoulder. Since it would mostly just be me eating the end product I knew I didn't need that much. Plus I didn't want to spend days tending to the smoker...

I had him cut the shoulder in quarters and I took two of them home with me. The total cost was right around $10 if I remember correctly. I vacuum sealed and froze one of the quarters and then I left the other one out to smoke on Friday.

Okay, now that I got most of the talking out of the way, on to the pictures!


I applied my rub to the pork shoulder the night before and put it in the fridge to sit.


I have done ribs on my Weber Kettle, but I have never done a pork shoulder. I did some research online and found that the "snake" method is a good way to do large cuts of meat for long periods of time. I used Kingsford charcoal briquettes and some apple wood for the smoke.


I ended up having to get some coals going in my chimney starter to add to the end of the "snake". It wasn't a big deal though.


Eventually, everything was ready to put the meat on!



I put the pork shoulder on the grill at about 10 AM and I took this picture about five hours later when the internal temperature of the pork was stalled between 145 and 160 degrees. I then wrapped it in foil so it could finish cooking and I pulled it off the grill at around 6 PM when it was at 195 degrees.


You can kind of see that the foil wrap made the "bark" from the rub a little mushy. That is one of the trade offs you get for wrapping it in foil. I would have liked to have let it go to about 205 degrees, but my buddy and I were getting hungry.


Proof that I didn't pull it too early... the bone pulled out clean.


It actually made the perfect amount for my buddy and I to have two decent sized plates for dinner. I gave some to my parents and some to my other friend and then I have been eating the left overs for the past couple of days.

The "snake" method worked out very well. I only had to make occasional small adjustments to my dampers to keep my grill temp at 225 to 250 degrees. Based on the amount of charcoal that was still unlit I could have went several more hours with this method.

That is what I love about the Weber Kettle grills, they are so versatile for any cooking style!

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Holy Cow! That looks terrific. I've never thought or heard of smoking that way. I have an old yard sale grade electric skillet that I can put in the bbq with wood (I love apple!) chips in it to provide heat and smoke.

Your rub looks suspiciously like mine. I guess they all do. I actually have two-one with and one without brown sugar.

Looks like you hit a homer my friend. Now I have to put pork shoulder on my grocery want list :)

It is a relatively cheap cut of meat. It just takes a long time to prepare properly. Unless you use a pressure cooker of course! Once I get a couple of these under my belt, I might try to do a brisket again, or better yet tri-tip. I love me some smoked tri-tip. The rub was store bought. I think the brand is called Kinder. It is easily becoming one of my favorites.

  ·  29 days ago (edited)

My brother, who was the acknowledged smoker in our family quit with brisket and used exclusively tri-tip the last several years of his life. It was gooooood.

He had a traeger pellet cooker, a smoker AND a BBQ on his deck. Then he had the walk in smoker he and a buddy owned together. He had a small cold smoker set up, too. Used that to smoke cheese. Damn I miss my brother and his smoking.

My wife tried to talk me into making my own smokehouse at one point. I realized the other day it would be near impossible to keep the rodents out. Mmm my mouth is watering for some tri tip now!

Just meat with no accompaniments? I would need some chips (fries in your tongue!)

I air fried some small red skin potatoes. I didn't take a photo of them. They weren't anything special really :)

I am really liking the 'red potato chips' (fries) from the air fryer. It's some brutally good stuff and so easy.

I am really an amateur when it comes to BBQ and as we don't eat meat I don't have to do long roasts like this. I could do more with fish though. Sounds like you got your money's worth with this joint.

Smoked salmon is the bomb! You should definitely try it sometime. Whitefish is pretty awesome smoked as well.

Man, that looks delicious! My mouth was watering reading the post. I have been cutting back on my meat consumption but seeing that makes it hard. Haha!

Btw, Dayton is my hometown. I've probably mentioned that before. Half of my family are there, the other half are down in Elizabethtown KY.

Yes, I did remember that! I made sure to give it a special mention because of that. They were over in the Pheasant Hill area. I don't eat as much meat either, but when I do, I swing for the fences!

This is just cruel!! You make me hungry and my mouth water!!

Trust me, you are not alone. I finished the last of it today and I am already craving more!

Look awsome could munch away on that all night, it's getting me thinking I need to try this on my BBQ.

It is much easier than I anticipated!

Then I shall have to give it a try!

You’re making me hungry! I bet that was incredible. I hope you enjoyed your bachelor weekend! That’s healthy to do that from time to time.

Yes, it turned out very well. I was much busier than I had planned. My wife left me a to-do list!

I love pork shoulders! They are such an economical way to make a delicious meal. Of course, in saying that, it helps when you do it like you did. I have a gas grill, but, the Weber Kettle has been in my life forever. I never got rid of it when we migrated to gas. I still love using it!

Your meal looks awesome. You really have this cooking thing down pat!

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Thank you! This is my first kettle and I love it!

I have had one since I got married and left home, and kept it, even after upgrading to gas. They just cook differently!

You do some pretty awesome things with it!

@bozz, ... that does look tasty, .. iv never had pork, .. does it taste like chicken? ... looks a bit like chicken.😁

It can be a bit like chicken. It has a deeper flavor though and more of a steak texture.

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