Before we go home I bought a Bialetti Perculator.



Bialetti officially makes espresso pots, but a Bialetti Percolator is popularly used, and my mum uses one in Italy and hubby found that coffee so great i had to get one for at home.
With a Percolator you brew coffee in the traditional way, or coffee the way it was once intended. I wouldn’t know but I don’t drink coffee. In about 10 minutes you have the best coffee and espresso. It takes a but longer than the nespresso but the coffe is more intense. Many of the Italian friends we have in lake Garda use this one but there are others aswell.


The coffee moment for Italians is special and so it is for my husband so this is a great gift.


I also bought three different coffees to go with it, Chocolate and Forte

And Morbide ( what a name hahah )


To see how italians go about their coffee watch this video about this special coffee maker.

I am off to go and make hubby the first cup.

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Blog Date : 23 AUGUST 2020


Hey Brittan! How are you!?😀
This post took my attention...strange!😄
I know really well Bialetti, I have this big espresso maker in my kitchen!
Never tried their coffee, must be good!


Wow that’s one is great and so nice looking , is it the same water in and no beans? You should try their coffee it’s GOOD according to hubby

Yep, the same but like that ones you find at the bar, just smaller!
Never saw on markets, usually buy "pellini", coffee experts say that is one of the best, in effect it's good!
The most famous around here are Lavazza and Illy.

I grew up using percolators for coffee, even before I drank it.
I'm sure you remember the old days... well maybe not, I AM older than you.
This is almost exactly what we had, it could be used on the stove or a campfire

Interesting how things come around again over the years, don't you think?

I sure think thats cool that older products get re inverted again. This is for on the gas we have in the house. Do you still use it and do you agree that the coffeee is better from a percolator than from a machine ?
I loved the Italian woman that was in the video and the way she talked about coffee

I haven't seen one of those pots since something like 1980 or so, but yes mama kept one and used it for a long time.
However someone had given her an electric version, same thing with a basket for coffee to heat and percolate up through the stem.
I think I eventually cut a section of the aluminum stem to use as a pipe way back when
Haven't had percolated coffee in years for comparison @brittandjosie
It has all been drip coffee for years now.
I am not a connoisseur; I'll make a 12 cup pot, and take 3 days to drink it, microwaving to reheat on day 2 and 3. My sister is a purist and thinks that makes me a heathen. She won't drink coffee if it is more than 2 hrs old

Why not make less coffee and fresh ? And did you see the picture from dexpartacus it’s a grand thing

Why not make less coffee and fresh ?

Because I don't care if it is fresh, it is my sister who is the coffee snob. I don't feel the need to load up my drip coffee maker DAILY just for 1-2 cups.
did you see the picture from dexpartacus no, I did not. If it is on this post in a comment or something, I'll try to go look.

Hi. I remember that. It was the only coffee maker my family had. I used ot love to see the coffee come up into the top part. That truly brings back memories. Thanks for the trip back home.

Yep, our local hardware store used to have a bin for those glass top inserts; I guess being glass they got broken fairly frequently.
It brought back of flood of memories for me as well @justclickindiva

Great gift and that chocolate coffee looks devine. I love my coffee.
What do you drink if you don't drink coffee?

Hi dear I drink tea ( English teas ) and I even put milk in it

Oh ok I only drink Rooibos tea before bedtime. A tea that is made locally. South Africans also pour milk in.
Have a great day!

Ahhhhh. Italians and their coffee is truly a special relationship. When I owned the coffee shop my Roaster in Phoenix was the widow of an Italian national who taught her the trade. It was simply the best coffee ever.

I just love the Bialitti espresso pot. My best riding buddy has one and when we are camping I make the coffee and he serves espresso. It's pretty special....

Thank you my friend. Wonderful post as always.

I didnt know you were a coffee show owner before, how cool. Yes that italian coffee and the nature in which the Italians do and socialise all around their coffee and with so much charm is so great to see and be part of ( with my tea hahahah ) so we had to have this to make the best coffee here in holland too

This percolator is very nice. Is an old Italian history and culture, cool you bought one, big hugs Britt 😘

Hi dear, yes old becomes new design again hahahah and the coffee is great according to hubby

It's crazy and funny to see how the fashions come back...
Have a good end of week, big hugs 😘

I love vintage and our daughter to

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hello dear friend @brittandjosie good afternoon
What a beautiful acquisition, I love coffee, I would like to be able to get one of it, without a doubt you will enjoy your purchase a lot, enjoy it
I wish you happy dreams and a happy start to the week

According to my husband this is the best due to the water boiling and dripping j

Your husband is right, at my grandparents' house they had this system and they commented the same thing, that you enjoy dear friend @brittandjosie exquisite coffees.
have a wonderful day

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A good coffee for the start of the day can certainly brighten our mood.


I am a tea girl

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I love coffee too, so I can anything about others. That's nice you were able to get a nice souvenir that keeps on perking after you return home.

Britt, this is an interesting way to brew coffee- the last time I made one using this, I had a caffeine rush! hahahaha

Good to see you Dear :)

Thats not me thats the coffee maker, its my nail and finger in the picture

The best coffee comes from moka! ;)