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I know, it's summer for a lot of you folks but here it's winter and whilst where I live it's generally a mild winter, rarely sub-zero temperatures, it still gets cold and I'd say that for most people being cold isn't a very nice state to be in; I'll include myself in that category.

Thinking about being cold reminds me of the wisdom of a great man who said:

When you're cold you better warm up and when you're warm you're not cold anymore so you don't need to warm up any further, because you're not cold.

There's some pretty poignant wisdom right there right? Ok, I'll be honest, a great man didn't say that at all - A knucklehead did; me of course. #mumbojumbo

We've had a spate of cold winters days over the last week or so due to some fronts pushing up from Antarctica. That means days of 9-10°C [about 48F] and nights down to around 4-5°C. I know, some of you northern hemisphere people are laughing right now.

It's rained a lot also and there's been some wind, not gale-force, but enough to bring temperatures down due to the wind-chill factor. It's winter though and to be expected. I'm not complaining as I don't mind winter, in fact I prefer it over the 45°C+ summer days we get, but at the same time it inspires a need in me...To be warm.

I find I turn to different foods in winter and I eat a lot of soup. This isn't a bad thing as I tend to like soup and most are quite healthy; although the amount of bread that often accompanies the soup adds additional carbohydrates to my intake which, as a diabetic person, I need to watch. Also, I care what I look like - I'm 51, not dead! So I eat it but limit at the same time if that's even possible.

I hit the café I go to every day and decided soup and toast would be nice, quite fitting as it's a little cool. The owner changes the soup every couple of days and is always looking for something different, unique; there's much trial and error with the customers as the lab-rats. I'm ok with that though as there's very little error. They get it right mostly and when not...Well, I'm not that fussy so I eat it anyway.

The concoction was sweet potato and leek with a hint of ginger and sweet chilli; There was other stuff in it like garlic and onions, celery and so on but they called it spicy sweet potato, leek and ginger. It was delish! There was some home made dark rye toast on the side and they politely put the butter on the side so I could limit the amount if I chose; I slathered it on as if I had an endless supply of course!

I sat there with my winter warmer soup feeling pretty content; it was grey outside, the rain fell on and off and it was quite cool but from my perspective it was warm, comfortable and pretty soupy really. I was content.

It made me think about the effects of temperature on how we eat and why we feel like certain things at certain times. I know I tend to eat more fresh food like salads and fruit in the summertime; lighter foods I guess. Whilst in winter it's hearty stews, roasts and soups. I guess there's logistical reasons for that; better produce in summer, not wanting to have the oven or cooktop burning on hot summer days and possibly being out more, more active, in the warmer months rather than ensconced in ones home...But it's also a feeling, or so it is for me, the feeling of wanting to be snuggled and warm. I wonder if others are the same?

Feel free to drop a comment or two below and tell me if you eat differently in warmer or cooler months and what you eat. Do you have winter warmer foods you turn to like soup, stews and casseroles? In summer do you find you eat lighter foods, fruits and salads and more fruit? Let me know, or just drop a comment about how awesome my quote above is.

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I guess there's a feeling of some things raising your body temperature (which they may well do if everything kicks in trying to digest this huge stonking meal you just shovelled in XD) which is probably what you want when it's cold XD

Nothing is safe when I'm cold and hungry; everything is on the menu.



We only have 2 seasons here, dry and wet so during rainy season I am into soup and during summer I eat more fruits, veggies, meat and rice. I have many activities in summer compared to rainy season so that's why I have to eat such food. It's hard for me to survive without eating rice in just 1 day. I am a rice eater but fortunately I am still able to maintain my weight.

I love rice but have to limit it to be honest. I'm pretty careful with carbohydrates in general I suppose...But sometimes I indulge. 😉

I'm a four season sort of fellow personally. I like them all. I used to live at the top of Australia which is tropical and only has the two seasons. It was ok, but I like spring and autumn so am happy to live where so am.

Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.

@amandaclarke does a lovely soup. I'm off the meat for a while, experimenting with my diet; but her pea and ham is insane.
My Grandmother was from Liverpool (used to babysit John Lennon for his parents), and I remember as a kid, in Winter, she used to put the plates in the oven, so the food on them would stay warm while we ate.

A good pea and ham soup hits the spot. Add in some crusty bread and butter #winner

How's the no meat thing going? Been a few weeks now right? Hopefully it's going ok and you're getting some benefit. I don't consume a great deal myself to be honest, and it doesn't adversely affect me. Not sure if I could cut it out altogether though.

Cool story about Lennon...If only she knew he would be so famous, could have saved some mementos for sale on eBay! Lol.

(Heated plates, good tip!)

I am an odd duck. I eat casseroles and soups all year long. Roasts, whole turkeys, ribs, and although I will tend towards heavier meals in the winter, I eat many salads all year round. I just like them. Ditto with pot roast and potato-leek soup (actually one of my faves, unless you are serving clam chowder!)

I made fajitas tonight and homemade tortillas while my girls made the guacamole and a dip. Tomorrow: Pot Roast. I have a busy day and it will slow cook for hours without me needing to tend to it. Yummy! I have never had sweet potato and leek! A new one to try! Thanks!

Oh yeah, clam chowder is awesome! We don't get it much down here as it's not that popular but I know a few places to get it, and I do.

I made fajitas tonight

Shut up! I love fajitas! No invite for the G-dog I wonder what the leftovers would be like like if shipped down to me. 😁 Assuming there were leftovers. Anyway, try out the sweet potato and leek, there's recipes online.

Also, I just finished writing a post called You're odd for later today...I shit you not. 👇

[I might dedicate it to you. Lol.]

No way! You are just yanking my chain, am I right?

You know I will have to read it. How do you get so much time to write. I am struggling here. Seems no spare time, except to write a few snarky comments. Well, not all... but, maybe a couple.

Fajitas!!! I worked in Texas for a couple of years and my brother married a Mexican beauty, who also taught me how to make killer fajitas and tortillas. So, it is my favorite and not without a Margarhita! It is unheard of.

No leftovers! I cannot believe the family killed off a couple chickens like that.

Lol, nope I'm dead serious. I'll post it later. That snapshot is of the draft.

I think fast and write fast I guess, always thinking so rarely struggle for something to write about. I know many struggle to find the time but I don't sleep a lot so manage to write a few words now and then.

Hmm, I figured there'd be no leftovers. Now I want Mexican food. ☺️

Some kids have all the luck.

Some kids have all the luck.

Well, I'm not a kid but...*Does man-child count? 😀

Your quote??

Better keep your day job. :)) Just saying.

Lol...Assuming I'm any better at my day job you mean?

Yes, that. :))

Oh dear! Didn't realise you're experiencing cold.🤗
That soup looks yummy and is perfect for such misery :)

I've come to appreciate the different seasons now.
Apart from summer, I've always loved the warm colours of autumn.

Summertime: Do you prefer dry heat, or humidity?

Yeah, winter here, opposite to the northern hemisphere.

Hmm, I don't like humidity at all to be honest. I lived in the tropical north of Australia for a while where it is very humid and it almost killed me. 😊

Down here it gets to 45+ in summer but is mostly dry heat. I don't really like either, but prefer the dry than the humidity.

I had only known humidity all my life till I went on a holiday to Morocco and experienced dry heat, which completely blocked my sinuses and made my head heavy.
I then experienced dry heat in Europe, and overtime I found it more pleasant than humidity.
Jamaica and Philippines have high humidity and if you are not careful you spend the day in and out of the shower.
Dry heat is better for me now!

Oh, the first time I experienced winter in the Netherlands, I hated life!

Haha, yeah I bet dry heat was a shock to the system.

I ditto everything!!! Soup is such a winter go-to in our house. The bread is unfortunately a must-have 😂. But as you say we try to limit it as much as we can. You’re making me feel like a good soup now!!!

I love me a bit of soup! I'm not into that thin, watery stuff though. Bread? Well, bread is life.

Ok, maybe not totally, but a big part of it!.

Shivering, teeth chattering cold, fingers numb, toes so cold they feel like they are burning.

Just another Tuesday growing up on the farm in Pennsyl-Tucky...

But no worries mate (Ozzy slang card played right there)

We had our sisters to snuggle up with to get warm...

Ahhh, the good old days.


Lol, you look good with longer hair!

Get your crayons ready for the weekend bro. Just saying...

I ate the crayolas a long time ago...

Still stuck in my teeth.

Lol...That's what I used to draw my picture with...Ate the leftovers.

Was your hair ever long Galen..?

Randy On Rayll 's Boat 1996.jpg

Has been yeah, early-mid 1990's. Was the same length all around though, no mullet. Lol. And nope, no pictures will hit the blockchain.

I will draw one of you then...

Sneak preview...


A quicky sketch till the... #weekend-engagement

You're a pelican.

You wait until you see the one I drew. Fucking scary. Anyway, as usual bad drawing will be more highly rewarded than good. That's how it is.