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It is an African meal popularly known to the Igbo/Ibo people of Nigeria, sometimes it is served as kolanut to visitors or eaten as a snack of full meal, most of Nigerian non-Ibos never misses to taste the salad each time they visit the Ibo land because of its nice taste.

The Abacha is a product of shredded cassava, and there are many processes of obtaining it but I am going to focus on the procedure I know very well today


(i) The most important is acquiring some tubers of cassava maybe four or five tubers depending on the quantity you want.

(ii) The boil it for about 30mins without pilling the brown layers

(iii) After boiling the you pill the brown layers an shred the cassava into tiny bits

(iv) Pour the sliced cassava into a clean bucket and soak in water for about 18 hours of more, you can leave in for one whole day if you want

(v) After soaking, you wash and dry the shredded cassava so it can last for long.
the shredded cassava should look like this

After all the procedures for the cassava , the next thing that comes to mind is the preparations of the required ingredients which are

(i) 2 cups of ugba (ukpaka)

(ii) 30 cl red palm oil

(iii) 1 large onion bulb

(iv) Salt and dry pepper to

(v) 2 maggi cube ,knorr product is normally used but you can try any of your choice

(vi) 1 teaspoon of ogiri( a traditional seasoning popularly known to the enugu and Anambra people of Nigeria

(vii) Utazi leaves(to me it can be optional because of its bitterness but you will love to taste it)

(viii) Crayfish and stock fish
(ix) Little quantity of

powdered potash mixed with water
Most of these ingredients can be gotten from African abroad markets if you are not residing in Africa

These ingredients can help you in preparing it ,now lets go to the preparation and final stage



(i) Pour the palm oil in a mortal, and drain water from the potash
(ii) Add the drained water to the oil and stir till it forms a yellowish paste
(iii) Here you can decide to add all ingredients. Note: onions, ugba uTazi, leaves should be chopped into tiny pieces

(iv) You can also add chopped garden eggs although I did not include it in the ingredients but it is necessary

(v) Now stir all that you have mixed properly

(vi) Thee last thing to do is adding the chopped cassava but remember that it was dried to preserve it for long ,what you have to do is soak it in water hot or cold ,when softened drain the water and pour the chopped cassava in the mortar of mixed ingredients and stir properly

(vii) All done you are good to go ,you can garnish the salad with meat, its optional

(viii) You can now serve,eat and enjoy.

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