THE WEEKLY No. 12 - Lifestyle Lounge Blog Inspirations for the Week ahead.

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It is always nice to get fresh inspirations and ideas for your blog posts which we may not necessarily have thought of ourselves. I think it is also pretty common for us to naturally gravitate toward the same topic genres of preference, so stepping outside of our own "box" does not always come naturally.

For this reason, I have decided to publish a weekly list of potential ideas for those of you publishing to the Lifestyle Lounge Community to make use of, should you so wish. There is absolutely nothing obligatory about this list, it is merely there to motivate and inspire - Even if one of the ideas does nothing more than trigger another idea for a post, SUPER! So, with that said, welcome to...


Lifestyle Lounge Blog Inspirations for the Week ahead

My 30 Before 30


This one can be done for any age really... so it could be your "20 before 20" or even 50 before 50" - Essentially what you are going to be doing is sharing a list of activities, experiences or challenges you would like to have checked off by the time you reach that age. It can be absolutely anything... so maybe you want to learn a new language or skill - or perhaps you want to go sky diving. It could simply be a family or financial goal... Give us your list!

Giving Up & Going Forward


Safe to say we have all had habits or thing in our lives which at some point we realised we needed to let go. This is not always the easiest thing to do - in fact, quite the opposite... but the experience, or challenge rather and actually reaching the other side is normally quite an enriching and life changing experience. Maybe you gave up smoking, or eliminated sugar from your diet. There are some pretty outlandish habits, addictions or obsessions if you get into it. Share one or more of yours that you have overcome and eliminated from your life. Tell us about the journey to get there and the improvements you have noticed in yourself and your life since.

My Blog Beginning...

tessa-wilson-HzN0TT5RBGc-unsplash (1).jpg

Everybody has a different history, story and reason for beginning a blogging or writing journey. Some simply have creative knowledge which they want to share with the world, others simply enjoy sharing snippets of their life and many use it as a process of healing or personal improvement. Perhaps your blog started somewhere else and not here on Hive. Tell us your story - where and why you started blogging and how your course has changed or developed over time.

Favourite Fails


Yes - we all fail sometimes, fall down, bump our heads, but we normally walk away having learnt something really valuable. Share some of your fail favourites - things in your life, job, career or even family which at the end of the day have added a lesson of value to your life. This topic could also be done from an angle of humour. Perhaps you have had some simply ridiculous fails in your life which are really good to laugh at when you reflect back on them. Whichever you approach it, have fun with it!

Nobody knows that I...


What don't people know about you? Share a secret! Posts like this which expose us a little more and show vulnerability are a really great way to connect deeply with other people. They allow us to offload and share something - you will most likely find that you are not alone, despite how you may have felt so... there is generally at least one other person out there who has done the same thing or at least something similar. You can also approach this topic with something fun - it needn't be serious... just creative, have some fun and educate us, haha!

Well there you go, a working weeks worth of inspiration.

Happy Blogging!

See you again with more inspirations next Monday!

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Until next time...
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Ohhhh! You are good.

not as good as you honey ;) MWAH!!!! xxxxx

In your dreams. lovely.


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It really gaves me inspiration. I hope to create my post on time.

There is no time limit :) You can do ANY one of these regular suggestions at ANY time you like :)

That's great 😊 i will prepare it and i will post it when is ready.

Nice topics, lets see how this week pans out @jaynie ❤️

Thank you sweetie. Had to pull deep this week, lol - otherwise it would have been five repeats of "how to die quickly" x 5 hahahaha!!! (I am kidding, mostly...) - You know what I mean xxx

Ha ha, now that would be easy, kick-start my broom stick, go gliding around having some fun, stardust realm one could truly see life from the other side 😄...

Here's a topic I am an expert in, failure.

off to check it out..... xxxx

Hi @jaynie
I love seeing your weekly inspirations.
I decided to write about my blogging beginning. Please take a look
I look forward to seeing what you come up with next week!

On another note I wonder whether you could tell me is there a way of resizing images when drafting a blog? I'm still new to these and finding ways to "jazz" my blogs.