How you drink your Whisky ? "Blend to Perfection"

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Whisky - One of the most popular drink for all ocassion. It is quite amazing how a drink originated from one of the tiny country Scotland and easily get popular in more than 200 country over the span of many century.

In the midst of all the hosh-posh-mess created by the deadly virus, we even forget to celebrate the famous World Whisky Day. The day falls on every Third Saturday of May.


"The number one thing to do on World Whisky Day is to taste a dram at home."
Thanks to Blair Bowman for calling it a day for the most favoured drink. The occassion was created more than a decade ago has already gain a lot of popularity among the Whisky lover. Over 300 events were held in 2019 while very few were expected this year due to pandemic.

I was thinking, what could be the best way to make a toast of Whisky on "World Whisky Day" ??

Neat, in a cocktail or on the rocks?

I am not a Whisky lover, but have seen my colleagues, friends drinking Whisky with water, or with soda or with some fruit juice. What I learnt that adding splash of water,can open up the flavours. Some of the whisky experts say that there are no right or wrong way. One can enjoy "it neat, shake and make a cocktail, add ice to make it refreshing"

Over the period of time, people have changed the way it was drunk. Different regions of the world have their own taste. In Caribbean and Latin America, people prefer drinking Whisky with Coconut water. In China and parts of Asia, people drink it with iced tea and green tea. In a Europe, people drink it with soda or even cola.



I remember, in an office party one of my boss told me that to appreciate the true flavour of Whisky, add one-third of water to the amount of Whisky poured.

Anyway, whatever way one choose to savour the whisky, the most important thing is to remember that it’s best imbibed in the right spirit.

As World Whisky Day puts it:

“Things may be a little different this year but that’s all the more reason to mark the occasion and raise a glass to all we still have to be thankful for.”


Do share the way it was savour by all the lovely Hiveans.

Stay Home...Stay Safe !!

Namaste @steemflow


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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Feeling like I am back home...🤗 Thank you so much 🤟

Indians always have the best taste...drinking it as water by mixing water on whiskey. nailed it perfectly. We actually drink water.

On the rocks with just a tiny splash of soda to take some of the edge off.

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Whisky enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with soda water depending on the celebration. Definitely something to be savoured and enjoyed!


That's true...always make the ocassion important

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