My Date with Chicken Biryani.

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How do you react when you have these Delicies in front of you ?

(Chicken-Egg Biryani)
(garnished with Indian spices)

I can imagine the feeling, when you get see such a delicious food item. Frankly, if you ask me, these photos simply increases my hunger. Even though I am an occasional non-vegetarian. The look of these Biryani is simply mouthwatering. Home cooked with much love and affection , I simply enjoy a plate of it instantly.


A great combination of , Rice, Eggs, and Chicken mixed with Indian spices and slowly cooked in microwave

As I was invited for lunch today, the moment I entered the building, the aroma of the Chicken Biryani simply made me crave for more. It took me to take the stairs to reach the top floor.


The food was ready, and they were waiting only for me. As soon as I reach, I simply pounce upon my plate to have a taste of the mind blowing aroma that was making me hungry.



I would simply say the taste was too delicious. It was far better cooked than the the one available in restaurants. It's been many months since I ate any chicken and now, as pandemic is spreading we simply avoid all outside food. But I cant avoid the Delicies cooked at home.

I took all the photos, and love the first two shots. I would request @minismallholding to consider them, for #stockimages in case it looks better.


Namaste @steemflow


That's very tempting man - definitely looks much better than restaurants. Can you share the recipe ?

Wish I could describe the yummy...the look and aroma was enough to make you hungry

Ya, same here, that is why asking the recipe to try 😀

That is a special....may be next time I will ask the recipe was not made at my home

That does look really good! Yum!

Indeed...enough to make anyone craving for more....I just loved them

I love Biryani! My wife and I are both vegetarian so we would have a veggie version. Hungry now!

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Non vegetarian not allowed at my home..and my wife is complete vegetarian...I just have these ocassionally. Strict no at home...I too enjoy the veg version....hope you have yours😉

Yummy, long time I haven't tasted authentic chicken biriyani...
Enjoy your day...

Hahah...yes long time for me...just got wild on chicken...the aroma was too good as the dish

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I love the title 😂

Biryani looks amazing!! And yes, most people can't resist the aroma of Biryani.. Now I need to arrange one for myself.. BRB!!

Couldn't find a better title😜 was after long time that I have some non veg and that too so deliciously served


If you use the tag #hivestockimages as one of the first five then that gives permission for use on Hive and I'll be able to find your post to consider it for the index too.

Ohh isee....for any next time, I take note of this.

No worries. I've added your post to the index. 😊


We made some biryani last night, but without the eggs. We still have some for tonight and looking at these pictures makes me want to go eat right now. will make anyone hungry...its been a day and I am still getting the taste and looking for more...may be sooner ask to cook again...