Sunday Multivitamins | Free Lunch?!

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The pork is really tender, usually Chinese would have them with the 'man tao'.

This was one of the best Sichuan Chinese Food I've eaten in a long time. I was invited to a famous Restaurant called Restaurant Yee Li Lou. The owner was really nice to us and humble too. Making sure we were all well-fed. Why not share the foodie photos with you all. :)

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Fried shrimps cooked with dried chilli... The seasoning had a little curry, pepper season to it. It was so good.

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One of the signature dish of all Sichuan Restaurant.

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Fried brinjal with minced meat on top. I don't eat brinjal but this I eat, for the first time.

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And this my friends, is the most amazing durian mango dessert I have ever tasted in my entire life. No kidding. For all durian lovers out there, this is a must-try.

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This pretty much sums up my lunch. A good lunch also comprises of good company. Twas the last day of a long weekend. It was a holiday 2 days ago on Friday where the Muslims celebrated Hari Raya Haji. I needed that long weekend but it seem like it's never enough. Time flies and I hope that you guys will have a good week ahead!

Thank You

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Looks like this is very good cuisine whether this cuisine is famous in your area or other regional specialties. I like to eat dishes that I have never eaten, this is cool.


I so miss proper good dim sum.
It's very hard to get in HCMC.
And even if can find, it's really expensive