Zord's Wagyu A5 Beef, My Most Prized Beef

I've been watching a lot of wagyu recipes and online youtubers traveling to Japan just to find the famous wagyu A5. Everytime they put the meat into their mouth, they will 100% close their eyes and the next thing that comes out is 'wooww...'.

I love wagyu beef but it has been awhile since I had one because I always thought wagyu had to be cooked to perfection by professional chef but I was wrong. It is very simple to cook the meat as long you follow the 1 minute rule on each sides. The seasoning is very simple too. Salt and pepper on the meat when ur cooking with a dash of olive oil. It can be daunting at first because you won't want to spoil your prized meat but it is easy.

This is my prized meat. 245grams of wagyu A5 that costed me Rm235 which is around 55usd. Of course this is something to be savor and eaten slowly so I only cooked 6 saikoro cubes first. saikoro means diced in Japanese if you're wondering.

Dash of olive oil on a medium heat pan. Throw in some thinly sliced garlic. This is to make some garlic chips to be accompanied with the wagyu. Watch the heat as the garlic browns really fast. Once u see it's edges brown, u can remove it.

I cooked my wagyu saikoro 1 minute each on each side, then I pan seared the other sides for just a few seconds. Seasoned it with salt and pepper generously.

There you go, that's really just about it. It's simple to make and it really does melts in your mouth.... The best beef!

Have a great week ahead.

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The price is just crazy!!!
But yummyyyyyy
And so easy to prepare too - cause you already got the best cut :D
hmmmm, perhaps one of these days :D

Yeaaa the price is really crazy. Only have them like once in a very long time. Haha. Luxury food.

I cook beef very similar not quite such small pieces but similar way on a special pan inherited from my Dad, really yummy. Price cannot control one from spoiling oneself every so often, enjoy @zord189

hahaha, oooo. I think that's the best way you can cook beef. You get to taste the meat and the seasoning doesn't get in the way.

Well prepared on a hot pan cooked to perfection, nothing beats the flavour when done right. Sealed in vitamins, mouth watering good!

nice beef, very soft

U like it?


That looks sooo good!! I'd probably cook it without the garlic slices and have the wagyu beef straight

Yea it's good with or without the garlic slices!! It's really good

Wow that looks so good.
But omg, so expensive.
Savor every bite.😋😋😋