Delicious Edible Flowers

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I am often asked to bring salads to potlucks - because, this is how they look like. Yup, lots of flowers on top - and all of them are edible and delicious.
The yellow and orange ones you are seeing are nasturtiums. They have a slightly peppery taste - as do their leaves and seeds. My favorite plants have lots of edible parts.
You are also seeing some violets and radish flowers.
So many people have never eaten flowers before - and many are not willing to try.
How about you? Have you eaten flowers? And if not, are you willing to give it a try?


Fruit platters are another one of my favorites to bring. I wished I had one in front of me to eat right now. 😉

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Oh hell yah!

I always loved growing flowers because of the ornament value and how it helps the ailing pollinators. Then my little one insisted I buy edible flowers. A whole new journey and it is great to discover the different flavours.


The „sattwa“ foods 🙏 Amazing !

Wow!! they also look very beautiful :) :) I think they're perfect for a touch of colour in our favorite dishes. Thanks for sharing with us :)

Nasturtiums and oxalis were my childhood garden snacks ... and I ate rose petals as an adult. Violets I have not tried, but they look lovely and probably taste lovely too!

Thanks for sharing this ... we overlook the multiple uses of the beauty of many things, and it is necessary to be reminded!

That is the prettiest thing ever
I would definitely try it - after taking lots of pictures :D
I have eaten rose petals... can't really think of any other flowers