Why is nutrition important in food?

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When we are hungry, we get lost and eat any kind of food. Suddenly we often eat any quality food to satisfy our hunger. Also in most cases we never consider nutrition when eating. As a result we always face different types of problems. But for good health we need nutritious food.

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But for the health of our body we need different types of nutritious food. Which will help us to grow well as well as ensure our good health. Moreover, we all know that the importance of nutritious food for the growth of our body's immunity is immense.

Also many times we eat food sold on the side of the road. Which only satisfies our hunger. And as well as that creates a variety of problems for us. There is no nutrition in that food. Moreover, food creates various problems in our body.

Moreover, many of us have the idea that nutritious food is very expensive. But many of us do not know that nutritious food is available at very low prices. Such as vegetables. Which is easily and cheaply within our reach.

Like we often eat a lot of fatty foods. Which is very harmful for us. Because a lot of times these make us fat. As well as causing many complex diseases in the body. Because getting fat as a result of consuming extra fat means that various diseases are lodged in the body. Similarly there are some strange foods that are harmful to our body. This means that the nutrition of food is very important to protect us from all these harmful aspects and to build good health of our body and to grow properly at the right time. So we should eat nutritious food.


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