Trying to inspire unhealthy old people with big salads

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Yesterday was Marc's father's birthday. It was a dreaded thing for us to know that we had to spend the day with him and Marc's mother.

His mother doesn't make it comfortable for us to prepare or cook food so we usually go to the park to do it camping style. We had to think of something that could be executed without alerting the old lady's senses and gag reflex. A big salad would be lunch and dinner. We are pretty much down to one meal a day. Sometimes we sneak a before bed snack when the old folk are in bed.

Before on some special occasions, we often ordered pizza. A meat one for them and a vegan for us. His mother and father suggested we get pizza for the big birthday bash in the back yard with just the four of us. They don't have friends and the only family left is their daughter in Toronto.

We were not in the mood for a big slab of bread and stuff on it. We felt like something a little more nutritious so we told them we would get them a pizza and we would have a salad.

The thing is the only pizza they want is ham bacon cheese and pineapple. They eat pork bread and cheese three times a day. She has had open heart surgery and hasn't changed her diet. She was also told she is borderline diabetic and shouldn't consume bread. pasta and sugar.

As for the old man, he goes to dialysis three times a week and will never eat a vegetable unless it's once in a while on the side of a pork chop with commercial dressing. He says we are brainwashing ourselves into thinking that eating the way we do is healthy.

So yesterday after they consumed their pizza we went inside to make our gigantic salad with lots of stuff. We had gone to the store to purchase everything earlier. I was hoping that if we came out with a rainbow and variety of good stuff, that they would get inspired and perhaps want to eat more veggies.or at least say it looked good.

We also quickly cooked some quinoa, opened up a can of beans and chopped up some mock meat. I wanted to show them the variety of salad eating and how fun it could be. The quinoa was just boiled in water so as they sat out they didn't detect any cooking going on.


I also quickly made a creamy dressing using a couple of leftover jalapeno peppers, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 2 tablespoons tahini, 3 cloves garlic, 1 tablespoon of vegan mayo salt and pepper.


When we finally took our salad out they looked but didn't say a word.I suddenly got the feeling that they were disgusted and nauseated with all the colors and textures.


We grabbed items from the salad bar and put it on our plate.


We added the dressing to our plates and a squeeze of fresh lemon.


We don't like a lot of vegan meat substitutes but this brand makes tasty ones. They are called Field Roast. I thought it may show them that it's not just vegetables that can go in a salad.


As we started to eat at the patio table, Marc's mother seemed to be agitated and started yelling at her husband then she disappeared into the house and puttered around until we were almost finished.

Our plan to inspire probably at least put an image in their mind. They only eat brown and beige food. Maybe when we are gone they will secretly eat more veggies. Marc says they don't want us to think we are doing something good for us. We don't even think we eat that healthy but compared to fried pork three times a day, I think we do.

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Oh gosh that sounds traumatic!!! I do feel for them - it must be hard if that's all you have ever known. They sound like they need to do a lot of work to overcome habits - but need the will too. Good on you for trying. I wonder if it was too much at once? Perhaps something more simple like a coleslaw with creamy avocado dressing - looks like ordinary coleslaw you'd have with pork, so a bit more familiar - but sneakily healthier. It must be hard to change the habits of a lifetime!

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Thanks @riverlows. There is no hope for them. We will move out as soon as we get our first paycheck and won't have to see the nonsense that they eat haha.

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Thank you!

I could surely get used to eating like this regularly lol it would be a Joy

Haha it really feels good. I need to do it more often actually.

Well! At least you tried to be positive and educational! From the look of it, they would probably be ill by next year! Who would be nursing them when they could not walk by themselves!??!

It’s a shame as they have a very good chance to improve their health via the right kind of diet. Some people are just their own worst enemy!

You have to let go!

Stay strong and stable!


We give up but we wish we could just make our own food in the house. Anyway we hope we can move in a while when we get a couple of paychecks.

We don't look forward to the hospital visits. There have been so many.

Your salad looks scrumptious! 😋 The fresh blueberries sealed the deal on that one! 💙

So, for your in-laws, an acceptable 'salad' would be a bowl of pork tenderloin cubes, buttered croutons, and a 'dressing' of brown gravy. 😜 LOL!

Haha yeah an acceptable salad would not involve vegetables for sure.😄

How could you choose a takeaway pizza over this bowl of yumminess.... Unfortunately, Marc's dad is not alone in thinking they got it all right and this salad is not going to improve health. It's always the people who most need it are denying the fact that food is the main culprit of most of our modern diseases. I am so happy to see my parents improve their diet on a daily basis. Can't wait for this corona to be over and go visit them in Belgium.

Thanks Amy but they actually see it as disgusting. I give up. We have sat by the hospital bed on an off for years. If they just wouldn't try to stop us from eating what we want. We don't really feel sorry any more.We just get pissed off. I hope you can get to Belgium soon.

Its hard to change old folks way of eating.
One thing I will never understand is the way some people just don't care about their health. I mean, if they don't wanna go plant-based they shouldn't, but being so stubbon to not even try to understand or eat some thats just plain stupid.

Why do you guys even go if it ends up like this?

My parents doesn't have a plant-based diet unless I visit them. I was at their place for a week and they ate plant-based every dinner, so they don't might it, which is a step in the right direction :p

We are not visiting them we actually live temporarily with them because we were traveling when the pandemic hit so we had no where to go to stay.We don't expect them to change. We just wish they wouldn't stop us from doing what we do.

We will leave soon when we get a paycheck from our new job.

Ohh okay! Sorry to hear that!

And yes, its annoying when people don't let you do what you want :p

The salad looks good and a great compromise. The mock meat?? errr - still no understand after so many years in Asia, where mock meat is just so common. 😆 So much veggie yumminess - why need to pretend it's meat? The look of it actually puts me off, as does the soy.

The world war 3 with the inlaws sounds horrendous. Why not just live somewhere else? Old people can get so resistant to change and it simply isn't worth the endless negativity.

Just let them be beige and happy.... and you just eat what you want.

The good news is we may be able to move in four weeks when we get a couple pay checks.We literally have less than a hundred dollars left and you can't move on that in this city.

We do eat what we want but if there is cooking involved we do it at the park. She wants to vomit if she smells anything someone else cooks haha. We never say anything to them or try to persuade them at all. This was an occasion where we wanted to show them what a variety of food we eat.

As for mock meats, I know what you mean about the look but I do like the taste of some of them. Not a huge habit though. I don't think they are at all good for you.

Love those veggies and I wish I could eat the awesome greens I ate in Thailand. I don't even know the names of some haha.

Thanks for your encouragement as always!

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Your in laws really don't know what they're missing, your food looks amazing!

Thank you @lizelle!

It looks very delicious. I love this kind of posts, I started following you so I won't miss the next ones 😊 thanks for sharing with us!

Thanks that's great! I unfortunately don't have as much time to post with my new job which is a new restaurant. It's some sixteen hour days haha. Thank you for your support!'ve caught my attention and inspiration. Nom nom nom!

Haha thanks. It didn't work for them though. Now the father is feeling ill. I was wondering how long he could survive on three meals a day consisting of pork bread cheese and eggs. I am not even exaggerating. There is literally nothing else being consumed other than coke.

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