Vegan Churros also gluten free

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Hello friends!

I made churro balls 100% vegan, is a kind of crunchy fried dough from Spain. It has a different shape but in this case i did it this way.

It´s vegan and I added a sauce of sunflowers and cashew , with coco sugar a little beat of corn flour, you put all in the blender and then you take it to the fire and it´s ready when it boils.

The churros dough:

1 cup of water, you boil it and put some sugar and cinnamon, a little of sea salt, 1 spoon of coco oil o vegetable oil and then take it off the fire, put 1 cup of flour and move it , integrate all with a fast move . And it's ready, then you make little balls and fried.

All vegan and delicious

You can make it gluten free with rice flour ( it´s just a little different but it's grate anyway )

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Looks delicious 🤤


Looks delicious!
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