Nutritious Fresh Grown Bitter Melon/Egg Stir Fry with recipe and Video :-)

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We have talked before about the nutritious benefits of Bitter Melon. The melon is full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C for starters. It can certainly help with regulation of Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels. Very powerful and beneficial.

But how do enjoy it? What recipe is tasty? Since this is “fresh from my garden”, I want this to be special.

Today we show you a wonderful bitter melon/ egg stir fry recipe with steps and a video. I choose this because we like to have eggs and its a simple dish we all can enjoy.

First a photo of my Melon from a simple plant I grew on my deck....beautiful.




1 table spoon coconut soy sauce (Coconut Aminos)
1 table spoon oyster sauce
2 eggs
1 table spoon of coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 Bitter melon or bitter gourd

How to prepare

  1. Cut bitter melon in half and take out the seeds and white insides, cut into thin slices and soak in salt water for 15 minutes and rinse with fresh water again.
  2. Put coconut oil in the pan and when warm enough add garlic until it is a little bit brown and then you can add the bitter melon into the pan add some water just a little bit.
  3. When the bitter melon is cooking until soft, then add all seasonings into the pan and add 2 eggs and turmeric powder and when eggs are done you can add more water (if dry). All done ready to be served .

It makes a beautiful dish ...looks healthy!

Lay out your ingredients first. Measure them and feel free to add some other spices as well :-)

Cut / slice your bitter melon.

Make sure you soak in salt water for 15 minutes. This takes some of the bitter taste out. The more bitter the melon, the more medicinal benefit.


Now we cook with our oil and add our ingredients!




I hope you enjoy the video for you to follow as well :-)

This is really a tasty and healthy recipe. I wanted to make the video as well so you can see how simple it is to make.

I hope you enjoyed.

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Thank you 😊

Not everybody likes bitter melon, but our family eats it.

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I'm thinking about growing this plant. How about taking care this plant, difficult or not?

Very easy. I would say half sun/shade is what we have. It will get maybe 3-4 feet tall but the vines can grow and wrap around poles/fences.

Yummy 😋
น่าอร่อยคะ มะระแบบนี้ที่ญี่ปุ่นไม่มีคะ อยากกินมะระยัดไส้

อีกสองลูกกำลังจะโต ได้ตัดเอามายัดไส้ต้มจืดแล้ว

I was considering eating the vegan version of this just today in the restaurant. Instead of egg they use tofu and soy sauce. I know its so good for you and do eat it sometimes. Good stuff! Thanks for posting and great to grow your own food...

Thank you for stopping by....I love to grow my own food...

You're welcome. I've a garden going but yet to get much from it... soon hopefully ;) Best way...

Yum! That's our viand yesterday.

Grow what we like to eat and healthy, thank you 😊