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I am not surprised at all you have Matcha powder in Kampot. The place is full hipster now, and I would bet it's easier to find rare food items there versus anywhere in Suriname. We've been eating wilted greens and low quality tomatoes for months now, we're not sure what's gone wrong with the food system.

Needless to say, a plate this beautiful is a wonderful escape from the culinary hellscape we find ourselves in these days. I wonder if you could put a few of these on dry ice and ship them to Suriname, surely that's not wasteful. Hugs from the whole family.

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Many hipsters indeed, but they are all broke so special food items are still quite rare in Kampot! Let me just try to come to your side of the world as fast as possible and make some fresh ones for the whole family! Though I don't see this happening within the coming year.