Lotus Garden Newsletter for Homesteaders. 29th April 2020

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As we come to the end of another month, spring has truly set in for the north and autumn for the south. I wonder how many of us are still scrambling to get some things planted late for the upcoming seasons; or is it just me...


Things happening in the community.

This fortnight's @naturalmedicine challenge is a little bit different. It's a positive vibes challenge to try to and look at raising the spirits of those around us and it extends to all communities, not just the Natural Medicine one.


This week's @ecotrain question of the week asks the controversial question, is it right for governments to lie to us to control our behaviour or prevent panic?


Some highlights of the week

Thinning seedlings can be a tough when you find it hard to let potential plants go, but there is a good reason for it. @paradoxtma walks us through thinning out tomato seedlings and why they've decided to take this approach this time around.


To get seedlings, you'll need seeds and @kindredacres has some excellent tips for saving seeds from your plants and which are the best plants to save them from.


You don't have to have a garden to grow food, as @mers demonstrates with this thorough tutorial on growing mung bean sprouts.


For the DIY inclined, you shouldn't go past @thebigsweed's article on building a window box greenhouse.


Each week one of our featured authors will be selected to be a 5% beneficiary of The Lotus Garden newsletter. This week @mers will receive this award.

Thank you for stopping by. This week's newsletter was brought to you by @minismallholding.


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As a new blogger here on the Hive Blog, I am constantly learning about the community everyday. Reading about your post and the newsletter is a nice little inspiration for me. I easily connected to the content and share the same interests you mentioned (herbalism, TCM, Yoga, meditation, Vegan, etc.). Hopefully, I can create content that I can share with the group, but for now I will be happy to read and comment on the posts in this community. Wishing you a good and prosperous day @naturalmedicine. :)

I see you joined Steemit in time for all the upheaval. Glad you stuck with us through it and to see you here on Hive.

Just good timing, I guess... :) Yeah, Hive is the better choice for me since I'm more bee than smoke. lol. Glad to be here @minismallholding.

Dear @minismallholding,
COOL! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am honored to be featured here let alone being the beneficiary of the Lotus Garden Newsletter for this week. It is always a pleasure to talk about gardening and sharing other things that might give ideas to everyone in this community, and in return... learning many things from all of you, too!
I am thankful I´ve joined here. Here´s to all the people admins, members and the people behind this community...Cheers!

It was a wonderful post and very much deserving. Happy to be able to feature it and enjoy what you share with us regularly.

I'm so happy Spring is finally really here in the North! I had some seedlings started early but when there was still snow on the ground I didn't rush things and I still have lots I want to get going! Lot's of gardening type inspiration here! Thanks for pulling it all together for us @minismallholding!


You must have such a short growing season outside where you are. I hope it starts to warm up soon for you. Do you have methods to try and save crops planted out if you have a sudden late cold snap?

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