New #PlantBased Chefs, Diwali Snacks, Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce, Pumpkin Flower Pithas, Some ManCave News, And More!!


@JustinParke here once again with a #plantbased recipe curation, featuring some of the finest vegan recipes from our community and beyond.


👨‍🍳 New #PlantBased Chefs 👩‍🍳

     I've have had success finding lots of delicious #plantbased recipes on Hive, but few seem to genuinely engage with their commenters and curators. Part of the beauty of Hive is the community feeling brought by the direct interaction between content creators and readers/viewers, so my search for additional engaging and talented chefs continues......

     There a few promising new chefs I'd like to welcome to to our community this week. The first one is @yashny, who made some awesome Diwali snacks that are probably just as delicious as they are visually appealing. I've also selected her as this week's 5% beneficiary.

     The next new-to-me chef is @kristal24, and this Venezuelan Hiver prepared a spaghetti with arrabbiata sauce that I'm sure any Italian would be glad to eat. The last chef I discovered was @simaroy, who also eats pumpkin flowers. When people in Suriname see me picking pumpkin flowers, they usually faces of bewilderment, so it's nice to see another Hiver eating flowers.

👨‍🍳 Familiar Faces 👩‍🍳

     There are always delicious creations to be found on the blogs of @carolynstahl, @plantstoplanks, and @sreypov, and this week was no exception. Asian-inspired tacos, mung bean and cabbage stew, and an awesome dessert were brought to us by our super-duper family NM chefs.

🏋️ Exciting #PlantBased Manly News!! 💪

     One of my favorite Hive communities, The Man Cave Community, has seen the value of the LOTUS token, and has decided to support our grassroots community with upvotes, staked LOTUS and the most exciting bit, a manly #plantbased cooking contest coming soon!!


     Big thanks to @brofund, @raymondspeaks, and @brofund-lotus for the support!! Stay tuned, an announcement post will be published this weekend detailing the rules and rewards. A little hint though, there will be very generous BRO, LOTUS, and HIVE rewards, and it will be very fun.


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by: @yashny

Yummy Murukku - Diwali Festival Preparation

     There are so many delicious Indian fried snacks that one could probably eat a different snack every day and still never try them all in a lifetime. I have never encountered murukkus before, but I know I would like them just from reading @yashny's recipe.

     Diwali is coming soon, November 14th I believe, and here in Suriname the Indian diaspora is gearing up, as well as many Surinamers not of Indian ancestry, as that is the multicultural nature of this place. I am already beginning to see a lot of snacks sold from places that don't typically sell food products. Welcome to our community @yashny, and may your delicious #plantbased recipes find a home with us.


Spaghetti With Arrabbiata Sauce (ESP-ENG)

     In my quest to find new #plantbased chefs to join the likes of our veteran chefs, I found this recipe from @kristal24, a new-to-me Hive chef publishing in both English and Spanish.

     I was quite surprised to see such an appetizing Italian dish come out of a Venezuelan kitchen, but then again, I am a white guy from the USA that cooks almost exclusively Indian food, so I've learned never to judge a book by its cover. This chef provides easy-to-follow directions and clear photography, and I really like this because arrabbiata sauce because it's one of the few Italian sauces that has some fire.


by: @simaroy

Sweet Pumpkin Flower Pithas Recipe

     When I saw pumpkin flowers, I immediately clicked on this post to investigate further. Pumpkin flowers aren't considered food by many countries of the world, but in Cambodia, where I lived nearly 10 years, they are a common edible sold in most markets.

     I am not too familiar with pithas, but I was surprised to see this recipe contained no besan, as I would assume that would be the bonding agent. @simaroy proved to me you don't necessarily need besan or rice flour to make an Indian style batter and fry something.


One Napa Cabbage, Two Delicious Vegan Meals {Tempeh Tacos & Soup}

     Although I am a roti man, I crave a tortilla now and then, and Tex-Mex being is still one of the few American cuisine's flavors I still enjoy, although there is little in the way of fully #plantbased choices unless you cook for yourself at home.

     @plantstoplanks found herself with an abundance of Napa cabbage, so she prepared two different dishes from this monster-sized cruciferous vegetable. The Asian-inspired soft tacos caught my eyes first, but she also made a cabbage and mung bean stew, both very inspired dishes made by the hands of an awesome chef.


Vegan plantains in maple syrup and pineapple ice cream

     "What #plantbased curation would be complete without a recipe from the lovely @carolynstahl?" That's a rhetorical question, but I always make sure to give her blog a gander a few times a week for culinary surpises, and she didn't let us down with these fried plantains and homemade pineapple ice cream.

     Plantains are hit and miss around the world, and Cambodia is a country where they are non-existent. My Cambodian family got to try them for the first time in Ecuador, and they couldn't believe how much more versatile they are than bananas. There is also something really right about the contrast of flavors between hot, cold, fried, and frozen. This one is a big score in my book.

We hope you get involved with posting lots of yummy #plantbased #vegan #naturalmedicine #ecotrain recipes! Both communities are now also supported by OCD, so good quality posts might also get a little bit of extra love. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay happy!


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I love seeing these - especially to see an Indian recipe, @simaroy! I don't think it matters you often share the same vegan chefs - there's a reason for it - they post a lot and they are GREAT. I am sure the competition will ramp up when the challenge comes out on Saturday - can't wait to see your recipes @plantstoplanks @carolynstahl @justinparke - i already have one in mind, that's for sure!

Looking forward to the Manly Man #PlantBased Cooking Contest. Just being an awesome chef doesn't cut it, it's also important to engage, because that's what makes Hive and NM different. Our veteran chefs definitely check all the right boxes. Thanks for the love!! !ENGAGE 40

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Excellent job finding some hidden gems again @justinparke! I need to take the time to make my way around #vegan Hive more often again. Seems to be a lull in posting all around, but perhaps we'll get an influx of yummy vegan holiday recipes soon! :)

And we have the manly man man cave plant based challenge coming up to - so get your thinking cap on!

Yes, I keep trying to expand my horizons a bit by going beyond the NM community. I think Hive is getting so big that it's hard to find certain communities if you don't already know of them. Gather them in.....

Thanks for stopping by. !ENGAGE 25

Yes! It really can be hard sometimes to discover all the nooks and crannies of the blockchain, especially for newbies. I've given my pal @fionasfavourites a nudge to share some of her yummy plant-based goodies, so you should see her pop up here and there. ;)

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Thank you for your lovely compliment and welcome to the new comers with their delicious recipes that I must try

Yes, it's always good to see your food and the food of other veteran NMers, and it's also nice to try and bring some new folks into the fold too. !ENGAGE 15

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Thank you @plantstoplanks for calling me over! I admit to being a flexitarian but with very distinct plant-based leanings, so am pleased to find a space to
both get inspired (like.from this post) and share my ideas and occasional sucsuccess

Can't wait to see some of those latest ones. :)

I look forward to any future recipes from you @fionasfavourites. Thanks for stopping by. !ENGAGE 20

Thank you! They will come. In time 😀

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