Moqueca of earth fruits with wild rice

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The Moqueca of fruits of the earth is the vegan version of typical food from Bahia, the most colorful state in Brazil which, being one of the oldest, is the cradle of our culture.


Traditionally it is made with seafood, but as I am rebellious I will make it with fruits from the land.

Rice is the staple food of Brazilians and to make this dish even more nutritious and interesting, I will use wild rice.

This type of rice is rich in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, potassium, and flavonoids that slow the aging of our body's cells and has great anti-inflammatory power.

The ingredients for Moqueca are:


2 very ripe tomatoes

1 yellow pepper

1 onion

200ml of coconut milk

30ml of olive oil (or enough to cover the bottom of the pan)


Freshly ground black pepper

Parsley (optional)

Cassava (you can substitute for parsnips or potatoes if you don't find it in your country)

250 gr of Broccoli

Ingredients for wild rice


½ onion

100 gr shredded coconut

150 gr of wild rice

Scented red pepper (optional)


Boiling water approximately 1.5 liters


30 ml of olive oil

100 ml of white wine

Preparation mode

The first thing I do after separating the ingredients is to wash my hands and bless the food I am going to cook.

This has nothing to do with religion, but it is a habit that changed my relationship with food, with my health and mainly, after I started to bless my food, prosperity smiled at me.

I wish with all my heart that I smile at you too, so I will share the words I use here but it may also be that you just take a deep breath and keep the intention of preparing good food, this is also a blessing.

I usually say:

"Blessed is the land that brought this plant to light.

Blessed be the plant that brought this food to light.

Blessed are those who planted, harvested, transported, and sold these foods.

I ask that this creature of the earth be purified from all the memories of those who touched it on the way here and just remember the sacred power that formed it, I ask you to manifest that power in the body and soul of everyone who eats it.

Blessed BE!

The second thing to do is to cut the vegetables into small cubes.


The other second thing to do is to cook the cassava or potato in salted water, I like to add herbs and pieces of onion to add perfume.

The third thing to be done is the moqueca sauce, to make it I will heat a pan with oil and fry the onion.


Then I'm going to add the pepper (if you don't feel well when you eat pepper, try removing the membranes and pistils that are the white part that holds the seed, this part is a little indigestible).



After sautéing the pepper we will add the tomato and cook.



When the tomato starts to release the juices and form the sauce, we add the coconut milk, salt, and pepper.




After cooking for about 6 minutes I add the cassava or boiled potatoes, and finally the broccoli flowers.


Cook until the broccoli is tender, then turn off the heat and add parsley.


Wild rice


Sauté the onion with the rice in the hot oil.



Add crushed coconut


Add the wine

Add the boiling water, and let it cook until tender.


The cooking time is approximately 20 minutes, but if necessary, add more water and if you overdo it, and even after the rice is tender, there is still plenty of water in the pot, just drain the water and reserve the rice.


When it is soft and dry, finish with scallions and perfumed pepper, I used beak pepper (Capsicum chinense).


So just serve it. he hotter the better!




Note: Reusing food has many advantages, saves your money, protects the planet, and even leaves you free time for some fun!







Tip: If you have leftover moqueca you can mash it in a blender and ready a beautiful soup to serve with toast

Thanks for reading.

Hug ;)


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I love everything about your post. The fact that it is vegan, the wild rice, and the presentation are amazing.

What I loved most though was the mantra that you use while preparing the vegetables. I like that you are putting so much good energy with your thoughts into what you are cooking. I certainly believe that when we do this it makes the food taste better. I had a friend teach me this a few years ago.

Lovely post, great pictures, and now I want to go and make this. Reblogging so I can always find the recipe, thank you for sharing. 🤗💚💚

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Hello @holisticmom was happy with your comment! while I was reading I had the feeling that I could spend hours drinking tea and talking to you about food and holistic practices! Thank you very much I hope you try the recipe :)

Thank you @nayha23, yes I think the same. I see you are new to Hive. So welcome aboard and a warm welcome to the Natural Medicine community too.

Much love and hugs🤗💚

Since your food is blessed, I shall say "bless up" from here in Suriname, your tiny neighbor with an impossible border. Looks delicious, I don't know too much about Brazilian food, so I am keen to learn more, of course #plantbased though.

We have a Brazilian part of town here in Paramaribo, and as far as I know they work in the gold mining industry mostly.

Thanks for sharing this with us chef. Beautiful plating and garnishing!

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Hi @justinparke , wow Paramaribo has a beautiful architecture, I always wanted to visit Suriname, and I hope that one day you will come to Brazil to taste our food in person. I'm glad you liked it, thank you and soon I'll bring you more recipes, #plantbased course;)

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Whooooa, all ingredients in your post sooo satisfying! I enjoy every single your food picture.

We have similar ingredients in our country like cassava and coconut!

Nice to know you!

Hi @anggreklestari I'm glad you liked it! I can cook, but shooting is a challenge for me ...

This is a beautiful dish. I love to know what people eat in other parts of the world. It also looks healthy.

Very nice!

Hello @carollynstahl , I always think about it, I wonder how many ingredients there are around the world to be discovered.

Congratulations @nayha23!

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@naturalmedicine wow, this is amazing! Thanks