June 2020 Garden Update {Cucumber Overload Ahead!}

Once again, it is time to share the latest garden update for the month. It feels like I just posted about it, but that may be because I haven't had the opportunity to post much in between. Well, there are worse things than only ever talking about fruits and veggies. I do have to live up to the first "P" in my moniker after all. 😉


First up, I'll share a few of the fruits of our labor coming off the vines now as things start producing. The image above is indeed a cucumber as part of my title suggests. The Lemon Cukes are starting to explode with tons of tiny little babies growing all over. This was the first time we tried growing this particular variety of cucumber, but after tasting the first bite I'm so glad I ordered this particular type of heirloom seeds.


The name comes from the shape and yellow hue of the cucumbers, but the flavor is all cuke! The skin is thin and not bitter at all, the flesh and seeds inside refreshing and mild. Cucumbers are not always my favorite summer item for some reason, but these I am enjoying very much so far. We will make sure to harvest these as they mature so as not to let any of them get too big and tough to keep them a joyful eating experience. Hopefully I'll get plenty to share with some friends and family who are interested in giving them a taste. Below is a shot of one of the plants, as we do have two or three of them growing in different spots in the garden.


The more traditional pickling cucumber plant is also starting to produce. It is amazing how one day you see a few tiny little babies, then you go out the next and realize you have multiple cucumbers that are ready to be plucked. I think we made some missteps with our bean plants, so with the exception of a few cowpea plants that are still hanging in there waiting to produce, I pulled up the yellow wax bean plants and the Borlottos to let the cucumbers take over the whole bed. We did learn a few good lessons for next year!


We went up to see @dksart's parents for Father's Day last weekend and had his mother teach us how to make her fermented pickles as a great way to use up the cucumber overload. Of course it is ridiculously easy--water, salt, pickling spices, dill, garlic and cucumbers. I'll try to remember to share about the final result in a few days once they're ready. If they come out anywhere half as good as hers, we'll be in pickle heaven. That is one way I always love cucumbers. 😛


The other good producer so far has been our patty pan squash. We only had two plants of these this year, but I would definitely try for a few more next year to really get a good harvest. They grew well and have been giving off quite a few delicious squashes over the season so far. The first ones were smaller, then of course as we started harvesting the later ones bulked up like the one above. Even when they get larger they still maintain their tender flesh. I made some with freshly foraged chanterelle mushrooms for Father's Day dinner with my famiy and they were absolutely delicious. No leftovers from that dish.


The plant has well overgrown the container it was planted in, but still seems to be "hanging" in there. If we can get a few more weeks of squash I'll be pretty happy. Between the squash and cucumbers we're getting a nice little boost to my farmers market hauls each week.



The other squash plant that I am really excited about is our Georgia Candy Roaster beast. This is another plant that just continues to grow and take up some good real estate in the garden. This is another one we probably should have planted in the ground level beds, but we're making it work as is letting it rest on the raised bed next to the one in which the main plant is living in. As I think I've said in previous garden posts, I have never tried this squash either, but I love all of the other orange-fleshed varieties like butternut and acorn.


We have quite a few of them growing along the vine, but this one is just about ready to be plucked. You can see in the picture below compared to my hand just how large it is! Should be fun to weigh it when we pull it off to see just how heavy it is. We have the one plant here, but then it seems like there is another one that popped up elsewhere in the garden. Perhaps a seedling misplaced?



Finally...the tomato jungle. I've been trying to keep these plants pruned, but with all the rain we've had lately it is a bit of a losing battle, haha. I saw @erikah had some great tips on where to trim back your plants, so I may get out there later on to continue to cut back any excess branches that may be hindering the growth of the actual fruit.


The cherry tomatoes have started giving off some fruit to enjoy, but some of the others have been slow to actually produce. Lots of flowers all around, though, so hopefully these guys are just late bloomers. There are a few of the larger variety popping up underneath the mass of leaves that give me good hope. I believe these are an orange heirloom variety, which are some of my favorite!


I'm not sure what type the ones below are as we did plant a few different varieties between new seeds, saved seeds that weren't properly marked, and the cherry tomato was gifted to us.


I intended this to be a short one, but as always I got a bit carried away once I got going! If you've made it this far in the post I hope you enjoyed the garden stroll. Thanks as always to @simplymike for hosting the virtual Garden Journal each month! I look forward to perusing everyone else's endeavors for the month here soon.

Happy gardening my friends!

Banners by @woman-onthe-wing and @dksart

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Lol you're pretty good at growing dick and ball-shaped veggies aren't you? 🤣

Well to be fair, I think there's more that fit that category than not. 🤣🤣

LOL don't be modest now, you're a grower not a shower, I get that


The first one cucumber is new thing for me. I never seen before

Oh you have great result. So fresh and I am thinking about salad 😁

Isn't it neat? This is my first time seeing or eating them, as well. I may just make a salad to go with our dinner tonight. Wait until I share the mushrooms I got at the farmers market...😉

Damn, that's some busy prepping you've been doing and your garden looks like it keeps you busy with plenty of things on your plate there 😃

If they come out anywhere half as good as hers, we'll be in pickle heaven

Fingers crossed you won't be left in a pickle!

Blimey, that Georgia Candy Roaster is an absolute monster! You could probably do some squats and lunges with that (assuming it's a few kg but I have no idea, is it heavy and suitable for squatting and lunging? haha)

Some fantastic garden puns there Nicky. 😜 After writing up my post I looked up a little more about the Candy Roasters. Apparently they can weigh between 5-6kg or more! So I might have a new prop for my online at home workouts....

Not just a prop but part of dinner as well! What a combination that is! Can start off with the heavy loads when you first pluck it from it's stem, then taper down as you cook more and more of it! #getroasted haha

Let's squash those excuses! 😂

I can see why you got carried away, with so much green goodness to share!💚
@tipu curate

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Just call me chatty Katie. Which is funny as I'm a full blown introvert. Though my clients well know the best way to distract me is to get me going about food. 😂

LOL, I hear that! I have a love/hate relationship with talking to people - I love to talk, but I hate talking in front of people... present company excluded of course! 😂

I'll cancel our pre-arranged 30+ group video call later on then 😜

LOL! Is that the grown up baby from your other gif who falls over after he laughs? So THAT's what he got up to 😂

ROTFLMAO! I didn't even make that connection, but I bet you're right! 🤣 🤣 🤣

Abundance is a magical thing, no? I spent time doing my garden journal today (will publish tomorrow) and yes, I feel AMAZED at Mather Earth's bounty!! (if a little overwhelmed at rampant tropical growth!).

It must be nearly 20 years since I last ate an apple cucumber - YUM. But I have never seen them here in Thailand.

Those yummy little yellow squashes roasted in the oven?? oh yeah.

Oh I can't wait to see yours! We're subtropical here and with how fast our plants take over I can only imagine how it is there. The cucumbers are absolutely delicious, so they'll become a staple part of our garden now. I'll just have to sacrifice a few to save seeds. The patty pan I believe are going to get tossed in a pan with my pink oyster mushrooms for tacos this evening. Hopefully they'll turn out share-worthy. 😉

Wow, your garden looks very good, you have vegetables so great.😊🌱

Thanks my friend! Always happy to share the joy of our garden with you!

Ahhh I am speechless but I will muster up the words to say that that squash and all of your lush bounty is just priceless! I have never seen some of those things before. Congratulations on your garden of Eden!

Thanks Carolyn! I hope your little garden is coming along, as well. I know your weather is usually a bit behind us since you have longer winters, so I'm sure soon you'll get lots of the good warm weather stuff. I need to go out today and do my daily walk to see how my big squash is looking. ;)

Great to see all those heirloom varieties going gangbusters. I did grow those lemon cucumbers once but they were so seedy I gave up - the chickens adored them however. Here's it's all greens and garlic - and freezing cold, but it's pretty nonetheless. Inspired and ordering some heirloom seeds to be ready for summer!

Haha, well at least someone enjoyed the cukes. I think we just need to stay on top of them and pull them off before they get really seedy or tough. So far I'm enjoying them. I think picking out seeds is tied for harvesting for the most enjoyable part of gardening. I've gotten to the point where I can look at seed catalogs for hours. Can't wait to see what you get going soon! Until then stay warm and happy planning. :)

wow..you are really enjoy with your plants and garden..I feel enjoyable to read your post as well..it is great! keep it up @plantstoplanks!

Very much so! Glad my enjoyment comes through my words and photos. It really is such a gift to have that close connection with our food. Thank you for stopping by to read @cherryng!

I'm so envious of everyone's garden, makes me feel so lively just looking at your plants.

There are some truly amazing gardens being shared all around! It's become my favorite time of month--getting to see what's growing. :)

Sheesh! Those are all just gorgeous! Personally, I think the narrows and squash in raised beds is smart: the creepy crawlies have a harder time getting at the fruit and veggies.

Sprawling tomatoes are a challenge. My dad used to pinch out the side shoots and stake the vines. That does work, I have done it,but one has to pay daily attention to the plants...

I can't wait for spring plantings...

Thanks for joining again, @plantstoplanks. I'm so far behind schedule when it comes to replying (or doing anything online, for all that matters). My headache still isn't completely gone, but at least I can spend some time looking at my screen again 🙃

Ooh, lemon cucumbers... I really need to get those in my garden again next year. I don't even remember why I don't have them this year. They're sooo delicious.

I have plenty of other cucumber varieties this year, though, and will probably have to start pickling soon.

I've never grown (or even tasted) patty pan squash, but they sure look cute. 😁
That Georgia Candy Roaster beast is completely new to me. I've never even seen that variety before.

Haha, that's indeed quite a tomato jungle you have there.... yummy... fresh tomatoes. Can't wait till mine get ripe

Ouch for the head, though glad you're on the mend! I am always hit or miss how much I can get on and comment, so I never begrudge anyone slow replies.

Man are the cukes prolific at the moment! I need to go out there now and pull some off before they get too big. My first batch of fermented pickles came out fantastic, so I'll probably be working on another batch here shortly.

I think the patty pan is just about done, but a few more of those Candy Roasters are growing. I pulled the first one off a few days ago so can't wait to dig in and try it soon!

I've done some more pruning on the tomatoes so they seem to be producing more fruit finally. Now just (im)patiently waiting for them to ripen...