May Garden Update for the Hive Community Garden Journal Challenge

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Finally we are seeing some growth outside with the end of the frosts and May showers!
We are a month behind on that saying

April Showers Brings May Flowers

It wasn't until the end of May where we started to see some of my bulbs blooming and the beginning of the berry bushes coming into bloom but once they started the yard is now busting with blooms! And bees, butterflies and other pollinators (plus mosquitoes have hatched big time!)

Have a look...

Looking Down Onto Greens Garden

forest greens garden and hoop house nestled in the spruce and berry bushes.JPG

That is what I call my "Greens" garden which is close to the house for easy picking.

I grow salad things like lettuce (which is seeded and coming up plus a few producing plants I started indoors), kale (I planted out my plants I had been growing inside for the winter same as with my rhubarb chard), arugula, cilantro,green onions,chives, radish and the sweet cicely is a perennial that comes up in this garden.

In the front is my one lone tulip (other than the tulip tarda) that has come into bloom.

Greens Garden Plum and Haskap in Full Bloom. Seedlings Coming Up

greens garden plums in full bloom single tulip seedlings coming up.JPG

Another view with berry bushes in bloom is off the deck towards the bird feeder that is surrounded by Saskatoon bushes.

View From Deck Looking Towards Bird Feeder Surrounded By Saskatoon Berry Bushes in Full Bloom

veiw off deck looking towards Saskatoon bushes in bloom by bird feeder.JPG

By the sun room the chock cherries were starting to open and the one right against the wall of the sun room was in full bloom (the extra heat must have been the reason for that.)

Choke Cherry Bush in Bloom

chokecherry bushes in bloom by sun room.JPG

Close Up of Small Choke Cherry Bush in Full Bloom

chokecherry bush in bloom by sun room.JPG

One of the earliest berry bushes to bloom and produce is the Haskap and we have them in a few places through out the yard.

Bee Flying To Haskap Bloom

bee flying to Haskap blossom.JPG

One of the earliest flower to bloom in the garden is the lovely colored blue squills. They seemed to attract these blue butterflies which made for a pretty sight!

Butterfly Upon the Blue Squill Flower

butterfly on blue squills.JPG

Over by our lane it is lined with marsh marigolds that you might have seen in my Wednesday Walk post.

Here we have a pollinator visiting it...
bee on marshmarigold blooms.JPG

Also growing along our lane is current bushes and they were in full bloom.

Currents in Full Bloom By Marsh Marigolds

currents in bloom.JPG

Another wild flower that comes up in the garden is this white violet. I'm always happy to see their tiny faces!

Close Up Violet Blooming in the Garden

close up 5 white violets.JPG

Although i haven't had much luck with the regular tulips the smaller Tulip Tarda do well for me and line one corner of the garden. they are even earlier than the squills!

Tulip Tarda in Bloom

bunch of tulip tarda in bloom.JPG

Up on the deck where I've been hardening off my tomato and pepper bedding plants (plus a few others too), we have been having lots of pollinators visiting which is great for the fruit production!

Close Up Pollinator on the Hungarian Black Pepper Flower

close up fly cross bee looking pollinator on purple pepper flower.JPG

Butterfly Visiting the Blooming Tiny Tim Tomato Flowers

butterfly on blooming Tiny Tim Tomatoes.JPG

Here is a big old bumblebee visiting the pepper flowers. there was quite a few regularly visiting the pepper flowers but they didn't seem to like the tomato flowers as much.

Close Up of Bumble Bee in Flight Over Pepper Plants

bee flying over flowering pepper plants.JPG

bee flying over flowering jalapeno pepper plants.JPG

Cluster Tiny Tim Tomatoes on Plant

Tiny Tim tomatoes getting big still green.JPG

Peppers Forming on the Pepper Plants

peppers growing on pepper plants.JPG

My garlic is growing well. I didn't get it planted in the fall so I potted up some that were sprouting and started them indoors under the lights so they had some green growth on them before I popped them in the garden.

I had seeded the area in front of them with some lettuce and just after I seeded them I seen a sparrow hopping around checking it out.

White Throated Sparrow Hopping Around the Freshly Seeded Garden

sparrow on bare soil by garlic plants and tulip leaves.JPG

White Throated Sparrow by Chive Plant Checking Me Out

sparrow on fresh seed soil with chives and colombine just coming up.JPG

When it is warm and sunny out I take my bedding plants outside on the deck but when it's cool and rainy or at night time I bring them in under the grow lights.

I have lots of tomato and pepper plants plus some celery, squash,cucumber, cilantro and a fresh crop of basil plants to replace the old ones that had been growing and providing great pesto makings for me all winter.

Overview of Grow Room on a Raining Day with Bedding Plants Inside

overview of plants in sun room under lights.JPG

New Crop of Basil

new crop of basil plants under lights.JPG

Indoors we have been growing a crop of Cannabis plants and they are only a couple of weeks away from harvest and looking good!

Cannabis Plants in Bud 2 Weeks From Harvest

Canabis plants 2 weeks off harvest.JPG

One last picture outside the sunroom where the forsythia had been blooming earlier. It is in the sunken garden which I use to have a rock wall with succulents growing but thte grasses and such took over and I let it be.

Statuary with Forsythia in Bloom Behind

looking up at girl statue with forsythia blooms and house in background.JPG

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Loving simply to SEE abundance manifesting in your garden, @porters! It's INSPIRING and making me need to go and pick up my machete and hack down some jungle - it's gone MAD out there. Today's job? Dig over and add some soil from other parts of the garden to the new veggie bed I am rehabilitating.

Enjoy your weekend - wish you endless joy and good harvest.

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The odd juxtaposition of forsythia flowering and all the things growing in the garden. Here, when forsythia flowers, it's far too cold for much else to be doing anything.

Love that little violet!

Awesome pictures again, @porters.
I actrually had to look up a couple of the berries you're growing. I did know the Haskap berries. I've been wanting to grow those for 3 years now, but I simply don't have any space left for them. 😂

Lots of pollinators. It struck me this morning that there's an awful silence in my greenhouse. It is supposed to be really noisy in there from all kinds of bugs that are flying around, but it's really quiet. Outside, I've seen a good number of bumblebees buzzing around the rosemary flowers in the garden, but that's about it. We normally have plenty of (friendly) wasps, but even those are not as numerous as usual. Maybe I need to find some room and plant some extra flowers to get things going....

Those Tiny Tim tomatoes are looking good already. My Red Robin has grown flowers, but no tomatoes yet. (Guess i'm gonna need pollinators first, lol.)

Those cannabis plants look amazing. I've been growing a couple of plants these last few years. I don't use it myself, but since we are only allowed to have 1 plant/person here in Belgium, friends are always dropping off two plants here. So I adopt them, and nurture them, then give them back when it's time to harvest. (I hate the cutting part, lol.) This year is a bit of a letdown. A friend dropped off some seeds, and said something about 'autoflowering'. I didn't bother looking up what that meant, until I noticed the plants started blooming already last week. They're like 4 weeks old and only 30 to 40cm (12-15 inches) in height. Apparently, that's a normal thing for autoflowering plants. I was a bit disappointed, haha. I still hope I can get them to grow at least a bit bigger 😁

Very beautiful your photos! I love all the photography. Thank you for shared 😍

Is that WHOLE place all yours?
You're living a dream 😍 !!!!! That looks INSANELY beautiful!
Oh, how I wish to have a place like that one day. And I LOVED your photographs! They are beautiful, you have a really great eye to capture tiny beings 💛

Yes we live on an acreage in the Boreal forest of Saskatchewan. I have a couple other gardens but they are lower down and nothing much was happening in them in May. there will be more in June for we had a real late Spring here.