The Dream Come True - Healthy Ice-Cream for Breakfast

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As a child that spend all pocket money on candy (anyone else been there? ) I was always dreaming of the awesome tasty sweets to be super healthy. Nutritious ice-cream that makes you feel light and vibrant, without any regrets afterwards - that was the dream.

Well, you are seeing one right here.

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Could I have known what I know today, I would have spend much more of my money on visits to the cinema or new adventure books.

If you are still diving your guilt-filled spoon into any conventional ice-cream - stop right there. Get yourself some ripe bananas, freeze them. Break them into smaller pieces, put them in a high-speed blender with other frozen fruits like berries, mango or for the choco lovers with cacao powder, dates and cinnamon and blend it all up. No need for any nutmilk or seeds in there, since the bananas alone give it so much creaminess and such a sweet taste.

Congratulations, you can now have a delicious AND healthy ice-cream for breakfast, lunch or even dinner and at the same time nourish your body with the natural power of fruits. 💪🏻💫

This one right here is made of frozen bananas and frozen mamey sapote with a bit of ginger - simple but super tasty and so creamy.

➡️ If you need some inspiration to get your own nice-cream game on, I have some great recipes in my new ebook RAW VEGAN ABUNDANCE including vanilla nice-cream with caramel sauce along with other recipes like raw vegan zoodles, colourful salads and creative finger foods.

I wish you a fruity day, everyone!

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I love nice cream and have always frozen bananas for the purpose 😋

Awesome, frozen bananas are never running out in my freezer as well - I guess I have a stash for 2 weeks of Nicecream right now :D