THINKING RAW: A Sharp Mind with Raw Fruits?

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One of the quite surprising benefits of the raw vegan path for me has actually been the mental clarity that came along with it.

I didn’t feel clouded in my thoughts before that but once I started nourishing myself with just raw fruits and veggies, I experienced what mental sharpness really is.

Quicker thinking, better judgement, more effective in our work - could you have thought that our meals can actually have an impact on that? This clearly shows us that great health can be so much more than the absence of illness, it can help us to live fully.

With that being said - anyone wants some delicious oranges, papaya or bananas?

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I wish you all a vibrant day! Anais

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I've changed my diet too with the consideration of feeding the brain and mental clarity!

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Awesome! How did it go for you? :)

Your statement about mental clarity and the shift in thinking made me think of a Rasta expression - “You can’t go to Zion with a carnal mind.”

In my opinion, an Ital vegan diet helps very much with this cleaner thinking. Nice post.

I've never heard of that, good one :D

I certainly love dried tomatoes in my salad sauces, fresh basil in my zoodles and juicy grapes and oranges on my fruit plates :)