Sharing my Experience about 'Velvet Apple' | Exotic Fruits of Bangladesh.

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After almost a decade I found this fruit in a local market!

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This fruit is called Velvet Apple, it's related to 'persimmon'. The texture, smell, taste, and look are very different from the other popular fruit. They also called velvet persimmon, kamagong, or mabolo. In our local Bangla, we call it 'Gub' fruit. You can check this [WiKi] link for detailed info about this fruit.

This used to be a common fruit during our childhood. But the taste is not very charming so people gradually shifted to consuming other fruits. And because of globalization, the availability of other savory fruits from around the world; the plant got almost extinct.

Let me share, how it felt having this fruit after so many years!



The price of Gub/velvet apple is very cheap. Maybe people don't like to consume it that much/don't know about it; that's why. I paid only $1.15 for half a KG!


I was wondering how it will feel in my mouth. I hardly could remember the taste. I only could remember a very sticky, starchy-tart flavor. But also it tastes sweet. I also was not sure how it looks like because this yellow one is very rare. There is another type which is reddish.

As you can see the inside of the fruit. There are some large seeds covers with flesh. The seeds taste like lichi. The smell and the texture are almost the same. But you can't eat it like lichi, the flesh is too attached with the seed. So it's not possible chewing the flesh.



The flesh surrounded by the seeds is the most edible part. It's stretchy, not so sweet. It's like blueberries but the taste is very exotic.

Health Benefits of Velvet Apple

This fruit contains vitamins A, C, and B-complex. Also, it's full of iron, dietary fiber, and some protein. Studies have demonstrated that compounds in Velvet Apples offer anti-inflammatory properties.

I got this information from This site.

It's believed that Gub is very helpful for gut health and helps to control diabetics. Also, people say that it can cure any kind of mouth infection. I believe the B-complex vitamin helps in this. Also, the texture indicates that it will be great for metabolism.

There was a time when these types of exotic fruit trees used to be very common near every household. Now, you will find hardly any household who got this fruit. But people are more into healthy eating and they value locally produced food items, nowadays. Maybe that's why I found this after so many years.

It was a great experience. Not the best taste but I would love to have this time to time to remind me of the flavor of our local exotic fruit.

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This was a fascinating read @rem-steem. Your velvet apple looks very similar to an indigineous Kei apple here in South Africa. It is also very small and not too pretty looking, with big seeds. But delicious and so nutritious

I have heard about kei Apple before but never tried it. As these fruits are rare.
Good to know about your exotic fruit.
Have a good day.

Oh my God😮😮, this is my first time seeing this, at first i thought it was Guava 😁. But the inside color changed my thoughts 😑😑

Guava is much sweeter.
It's not pretty and that's why it's called exotic 😅

😑maybe i'll search for it here

It's very local, maybe it doesn't grow anywhere else.
You can try passion fruit, these fruits are in the same family.

Okay i'll