You won’t believe how much sugar is put into thees foods! Sugar substitutes for everyone!

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When it comes to dessert, sugar filled candies and pastries may come to mind. But there are other types foods with sugar hidden in it as well! However, when you bake or cook, you don’t always have to use sugar! There are many sugar substitutes out there, but I’ve gathered a bunch of common ones that you can use to add flavor to your treats and meals as well as browning to your baked goods!

First, lets get the facts straight… 0731201308a.jpg

White sugar wasn’t always bad. It’s starts out as a plant, either sugar cane or sugar beet. Sugar beets tend to grow in colder places, like canada and the europe. Sugar cane tends to grow in tropical places like south america and africa.

They go to factories to get processed, and this is where they get there bad reputation. What sugar websites tell you is that they use bone char to ‘purify’ the sugar. What they don’t tell you is that bone char is made from animal bones to bleach cane sugar. not all cane sugar companies use bone char to bleach their sugar. But there are also foods that have tons sugar in them that are not very well known foods. Well, not legit TONS, but enough to raise some eyebrows. foods like

  • ketchup
  • bread
  • yogurt
  • granola bars
  • cereal

Have lots of sugar to spare, with regular bleached white bread having up to 3 grams of sugar per slice, and granola bars having 7 grams of sugar per bar. But enough about refined sugar. Let’s get to those alternatives!


I have used honey in my baking and cooking and it has turned out very well! Honey is bee barf, yes, but it is a natural sweetener and an alternative to sugar! It gives cakes a nice texture like sugar and can overall sweeten greens and other dishes!


ALTERNATIVE NUMBER 2: Apple sauce (and other fruit mashes!)

Unsweetened apple sauce is a great alternative to sugar. In baking, apple sauce is good for keeping a nice texture to the treat.

Other fruit mashes such as pumpkin mash, mashed squash, sweet potato mash and mashed banana are great choices also.


Stevia is a plant found in south america. When it’s leaves are crushed into a powder, it looks just like sugar and is used as sugar would be, except it’s 600 times sweeter than sugar.

That being said you shouldn’t need to much in you coffe, tea, or baked good since it is super sweet. I’ve herd the aftertaste can take some getting used to, and if overdosed on it can make you crave sweeter substances, so use in moderation.


Monk fruit was first used by buhhdist monks (hence the name) but is also known as lu han guo. It sweeteners made with this fruit don’t impact blood sugar.

And finally…

ALTERNATIVE NUMBER 5: coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is made from the sap of coconut trees. Coconut sugar is actually good for you since it has small amounts of minerals like potassium in it. it has good fibers in it as well.

I hoped you found a healthy alternative to sugar in this article! Does anybody use any of these sugar alternatives? Do you know any other foods with a surprising amount sugar in it? Leave it in the comments I enjoy reading them!

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