Experimenting with Fusion 'Jamu' Drinks

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Ah, Indonesia, we miss you! It's always been Australia's 'back yard' - although I do apologise on behalf of any of my countrymen that have behaved badly in your beautiful islands. The gentleness of your people, the beauty of your islands, your close relationship with the land that supports you, your faith, and your food - goodness! I'm super happy to help support Indonesian #naturalmedicine on HIVE because you have so much to teach us! I'm so pleased to support you through this global HIVE @naturalmedicine #lotusindonesia challenge here and hope anyone reading this might join in too!

All the ingredients on the list, well, I'm fairly familiar with them because in Australia, we grow up with food made of these ingredients! They're readily available here and because many of us travel to Indonesia, we're familiar with your style of cooking.

I keep thinking about turmeric, though. On HIVE, we get a LOT of posts about this amazing anti-inflammatory plant. It's amazing how popular it's become!!! Here in Australia, turmeric lattes are really common.

In Bali, I used to LOVE getting jamu. Jamu, as far as I know, is a drink made out of turmeric, ginger and lemon, sweetened with honey (although it can have other things in it, like limes or tamarind too!).

Some time ago, I made a turmeric 'bug' - fermented turmeric that you add to water to make a soda. I wrote about it in this post and found it delicious, but it's been a long time since I've made it now!

Because I've been experimenting with fermented garlic honey, I thought I'd experiment with a fermented turmeric ginger honey - a kind of fermented jamu, if you like! Turmeric, honey, lemon and ginger is SO good for the immune system, and with the added benefit of a ferment.


All I did was grate turmeric, add a couple of spoons of honey, some black pepper (because it makes the turmeric more bio available) and the juice of two lemons from my tree (my limes aren't quite ready). I would have added ginger, but I don't have any. This will ferment for a day or so on the bench, then I'll add water and pop it in the fridge or maybe the soda stream. I could also add it to a pumpkin soup or a warm milk. Since it's winter in Victoria, that sounds like a good idea!

I also decided to do a turmeric oxymel. Turmeric is really good for the immune system (have I said that already?) and I often put it in my fire cider, but I thought a dedicated oxymel would be fun. It's also great for the liver, which is something I need to help me process hormones, and as I've got a history of adrenal issues, my liver often suffers as my adrenals over functions! So anything I can take to nourish and support my liver is great. I love oxymels as they are just a combination of apple cider vinegar, honey, and your medicinal plant. It's just a matter of finally chopping or grating the turmeric and half filling a jar, then adding cider vinegar til the jar is nearly full, and honey to top it up. You might like less of the vinegar or a little more honey to your taste - I like it on the sharp side. You can then have it as a dressing or in water as a kind of jamu style drink with an apple cider kick!

I hope #lotusindonesia liked this post, a celebration of one of your country's amazing plants and a 'fusion' post that adapts your 'jamu' drink into something same same but different!

I'd love to hear from Indonesians about your turmeric drinks, or any traditional recipes you might have for jamu!

And if you'd like to enter the challenge and win HIVE, you can! Here's the English version version and here's the Indonesian one! Anyone is welcome to enter - you just have to write about one or more of the ten Indonesian plants or herbs in the challenge!

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WOW! This looks delicious @riverflows. Tumeric latte is a new concept here in SA. I love it. Especially with a chai twist to it. I'm definitely going to test this recipe, once I've harvested our tumeric and ginger. And then I can add it to my fire cider too...tick tock tick tock .....

What a lovely post! I can practically feel your soul in the text. You seem like a very kind person and I really admire that. Turmeric became a really popular, but I didn't know in your places you make drinks from it?! Here in Croatia, turmeric presents a spice for the food and it really gives food a nice touch, spicy and more colorful, plus it's healthy, what more could you wish for?

Oh that's very sweet, thanks so much!! Yes, there's a popular drink called a golden milk! You can use powdered if you like, and a bit of cinnamon or/and cardomom is nice, and you brew it with some milk and honey. It's got a lot of medicinal benefits and there's all sorts of ways to eat and drink it for the benefits it provides! It's been many years since I've been to Croatia - I loved it there. I'd love to go back.

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Woah you've been here as well! I'm bit of jealous I guess 😅

You can use powdered if you like, and a bit of cinnamon or/and cardomom is nice, and you brew it with some milk and honey.

This thing sounds healthy and yummy! I was always a fan of natural medicine and alternative treatment / strengthening of immunity. Haven't used any pharmaceutical drugs for 10 years, and I haven't been ill for the same time. You really have to adore this ecosystem, learning and earning, almost unreal.

Also, here, the traditional natural medicine for sore throat is milk and honey, also called caramelized milk :)

Yeah it's awesome - learn and earn! I'm all about sharing these natural medicine wisdoms that can get lost with a lot of 'wellness' marketing. I reckon sharing personal observations and experimentation is pretty awesome!

Yeah, I visited Croatia in 2001, so it's been a while. Split and Dubrovnik and Zagreb, which I really liked. My grandfather was born in Ljubljana, I realise that's Slovenia, but not that far away.

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I'm all about sharing these natural medicine wisdoms that can get lost with a lot of 'wellness' marketing.

That's quite the reason I'm following you I guess. I like that spirit, and it would be great if it remains how it is. Yup, you're right, Ljubljanja is just 2-3 hours away from Zagreb. Great to have a little chat with you, wish you all the best you nice person 😅

Thanks lovely, yes, enjoy chatting with you as well!

These mixtures you've mentioned here seems really delicious! It was my dream as a child to take medicinal stuffs that are delicious at the same time, because I've had too many bitter medicines in my day. Now, though, I keep living that dream and I really fancy seeing delicious stuff with medicinal properties, that's the ultimate flex.

Ha yeah, I was given a 'raspberry' flavoured asthma medicine as a kid and I hated it - I can't stand the smell or taste of anything remotely like it to this day.

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it's an awesome drink ! It sounds great I will prepare some tomorrow morning.
I use tumeric and ginger everyday in my dishes but I never try the fermented drink. I have been to Bali once but never tried this beverage. I Tried the TUAK in Sumatra (Samosir Lake Toba) it is a kind of palm wine, sometimes mixed with dried fruits that give the beverage a sweeter flavor, it is a bit sour and the taste is special. It is my opinion. But they say that this drink has many benefits for the body.
Thank you for your receipe Riverflows.

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It's actually a good way to do it if you don't have a juicer I've found! Leaving it for a few days enables the turmeric to extract into the lime or lemon juice and for the good bacteria to form (dont let it go mouldy). A spoonful in water is really refreshing actually! And it'd be great in a banana smoothie or something like that too. I've never heard of TUAK - thanks for letting me know about it!! I woud love to go to Sumatra one day!

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I was supposed to do turmeric this year, along with ginger. Oh, well.... Maybe next year....

is it too late??

Yes far too late. It has a 10 month growing season. I have to start it in October to harvest before frost in early September.

All of this sounds amazing. And, having grown up in Holland (where we stole got the best stuff from all countries 'we' colonized / conquered or visited), I enjoyed Indonesian food a lot too. In fact, I should try to find a way to cook Indonesian dishes here in Portugal.

P.S. @riverflows , when I first read the title of this post, I thought you were talking about Jamie here. Perhaps Jamu is Indonesian for Jamie haha!

Awesome ingredients there, tumeric along with ginger are brilliant medicines. Bali sounds like a dream place to visit, much like Thailand which I saw in 2017. A lovely people and culture which we westerners crash into when on holiday as tourists lol.

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Yeah, it's lovely. It's nice that the island has a little respite from tourists - I've been reading about them doing a big clean up as there's a LOT of plastic rubbish in the waterways there.

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Oh hectic, I saw that on some of the Thailand islands in 2017, which was rather concerning.

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Okay this is the second post I’ve read within a day regarding turmeric. It’s not that I wasn’t aware of the benefits it’s that I only have been using grounded turmeric that I purchase from the store. Is it easy to grow? Is it best best grown in a pot?

I love apple cider vinegar, lemon and honey so I know this drink would be great for me to try.

Lovely post and thanks for the recipe for this amazing drink ~

I think best in a pot in our climates? It's new to me! I use root turmeric a lot but i've always used ground turmeric and honey for sore throats, like FOREVER, and always made turmeric chai. I think you can make it with ground turmeric but fresh is just so much better! It will stain your hands though - be warned!

Okay thank you for the info!! I do like using the ground but I can see that fresh would be better.

Oh wow thanks for the warning about the staining.

Wow! This is completely new for me "Jamu" Drink! Seems an excellent immunity booster. Although here in India fresh turmeric season has ended so definitely would love to try in the next season. I would like to add jaggery instead of honey as I am vegan. Probably it will work. Thanks for sharing this amazing natural medicine.

I was really surprised to learn of a latte with turmeric; I have turmeric in my garden and I always add it to my dishes and I did not know that it had so many benefits. But if you make that ginger, lemon, and turmeric ferment, it sounds really nice. What I would like to know if it is a dressing or is it taken alone? Thanks for such valuable information

Oh ginger and lemon, two of my favorite things and fermented. I am bookmarking this as I really need to try it, sounds pretty divine to me xxxxx

It's delish, and reminds me of being healthy in Indo! The first sip just took me back there!

Oh, this sounds absolutely lovely:

In Bali, I used to LOVE getting jamu. Jamu, as far as I know, is a drink made out of turmeric, ginger and lemon, sweetened with honey (although it can have other things in it, like limes or tamarind too!).

I have had all of these things,but never all together, and of course I haven't had the pleasure of any part of the Pacific Ocean outside of living on the west coast of the US a few times so I am always looking for new ways to experience flavors from afar.

My teens just came back with some fresh honey they helped to collect from their grandparents' hives last week, so I will have to make a trip to the Asian market this weekend to get some fresh turmeric and tamarind.

I do love lemons as well as limes, so I might have to try it both ways before I determine which one I like better. Of course then I might have to try it with key limes as well...

@riverflows for someone across the globe you sure do know how to catch my attention!

Oh wow, please share if you make it! I was just reading another post under #lotusindonesia tag which shows a recipe for how they did it too, going to try that tomorrow. It has a very specific taste that reminds me of feeling good in Bali.

Haha really? I catch your attention? you are very sweet. I feel the same about you!!!!!

Pasti rasamya seperti jamu, aku kurang suka rasa jamu

Love turmeric and ginger bugs. We even had success in Cambodia with galangal bugs and fingerroot bugs. One of the best experiments we ever did was inoculating some watermelon juice with our turmeric bug. It was the best watermelon soda ever created.

I've never heard of Jamu before, very interesting, need to study up on it.

Posted on NaturalMedicine.io

OH gosh - delicious! Sounds even better than vodka in watermelon :P - I've never heard of fingerroot!

I love how different cultures have variations on the same thing - a turmeric drink!