Lunar planting & Esteban saying "it's not too late to grow lettuce on your wall!"

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Today is a leaf day which means we can plant & transplant just leafy things like salad & herbs. My latest wall planter has been ready for a while now, waiting patiently for this day which is decided by the position of the moon & also the planets.


Lunar planting

We are very lucky to have a lady who guides us in this subject, kindly providing a photocopy of her lunar planting calendar each month.


Looking more deeply into the subject I discovered that Rudolf Steiner was the first person to create such a calendar back in 1919.

He wrote a book called Calendar of the Soul which was difficult to find online but I was able to find a collection of essays about it here

Screen Shot 20200502 at 09.13.12.png

Though something tells me our ancient ancestors didn't need books or calendars to figure this stuff out. Meditation in nature generally provides the answers we seek.

Steiner identified four categories: Flowers, Leaves, Roots and Fruit, each one lasting around three days.

It can be a little confusing because things like peas and cucumbers are considered fruit. And if one intends to collect seeds from their plants, they should be planted during a Flower period.

I have seen first hand how plants are stronger when one sticks to the correct planting periods. Amazing hey? And crazy we are not taught this kind of stuff at school!

Would love to provide a link for you all to download the 2020 lunar planting calendar, but have not yet found a free online version. I will keep searching and be sure to post here when I find it.

Otherwise you can download the book & figure it out or just message me and I will let you know what day it is!


We planted a short line of mixed lettuce in the garden around a month ago, with this goal in mind.


Yesterday I dug some of them up, ready for separating & transplanting today.


Moments like this are made even more enjoyable when I am joined by my children. I don't force them to help me but wait for them to offer. And happy to say this approach seems to be working.


The lettuce I planted on the last leaf day was also transplanted from the garden and seems to be doing fine hanging under the strawberries, ready to drip into the heirloom carrots which are yet to sprout beneath them.


I know it looks crowded but I am far from done here. Moving towards the solstice the sun is getting ever higher in the sky, illuminating spaces which were previously in the dark all day long.


The first light of the day hits the jasmine flowers now, adding a lovely scent to our courtyard.


I had more lettuces than pots this morning so I turned quickly to my bottle stash. Never again will I let a plastic bottle go to waste!


30mins later the problem was solved and in a month I will give these out as presents. Everyone loves lettuce!


Even this guy ;)


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You are just doing such a SUPERB JOB as a creative parent, supporting & nurturing not just your children and family, but Mother Earth. Love the way the bottles are all adorned & beautified too. 😍

Esteban looks so PROUD. I'm smiling from ear to ear and signing offline now - taking this feeling of connection, growth and positivity off to bed with me.

Lovely, lovely post, Sam. x

It isn't easy balancing time on this computer with the rest of my life. Especially as the days get earlier! But it does seem to help seeing Bitcoin going up up up;)

Thank you for the amazing support x

You're funny- saying that to a solo entrepreneurial mom. 😆😂

Awesome place you have there! I was introduced to lunar planting many years ago in Switzerland when i worked on an organic farm doing construction work for them, I have remembered basics from that, but im racking my brain trying to remember a womans name who spent her whole life creating calenders, I swear it was Anna someone but I need to check, but maybe ypu know already her last name?

Great to see you here. And even better you know this subject already ;)

The German lady who is teaching me is about as effective with her english as I am with my french, so it is slow going at best. I do at least understand the planting calendar! Am just surprised this is the first time I've heard about it. Not that I've ever grown food before, but my mother is big into growing her own and has never heard of this.

Seeing what you are up to in Portugal is always inspiring. The idea of (english speaking) community is MEGA exciting to me but for now we are alone in the centre of a village of old people who tolerate our 'hippie' behaviour & are very friendly, but do little to inspire me. If plans don't start developing on this front soon, perhaps I will come and join you in Portugal.

Keep up the great work!

I think this was meant for ecoalex, Im in South Spain at a nice quite alternative place where i lived before, but came to visit trucklife-family as its lockdown, plus i heard my van and trailor have been scrapped 🤣

I thought you had been growing food for a while already from seeing what your doing! I can think of enough Hivers to make a nice tribe and not just a virtual one, Ash said you did plan to come here!

Actually it's just my hazy morning brain. I remember now. We are on the other side of the country from you, on the French side of the Pyrenees. After following Ash for a few years I had intended to come and visit this year but the focus on sustainability has kept me busy so far.

To answer your observation, Sabrina & I have been growing a particular plant all our lives in quite a professional manner. But only now that we have a new focus of attention are we using those skills to grow food. I do enjoy how everything pieces together so neatly sometimes ;)

Haha yeh same here, i was growing medicines also before i was growing food 😂 brain food flowers 😉

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Wow, your garden looks so rich! I love it, even how you recycle the water bottle to pots.

It's my first time to hear about Lunar gardening, will check it out to find more.

If you're interested, I wrote a post on how I made those pots:

And if you are able to find that 2020 lunar planting calendar please let me know :)

I’ve done a hanging bottle project like that at a school I used to work for years ago. It was a with the kids, and as far as I know still there after 6 years.

Six years! That is amazing. I think I will be lucky if this lot last the year ;)

Though I could be wrong. So far so good...

@samstonehill, I had never heard of lunar planting till I read your post, it is interesting really. I know that some people say that the waves of the sea are subject to the moon so it would make sense if other things like plants would do the same.

It is something that I am going to have to look more into, back in 1919 is a long time ago but I am guessing because of the war people needed to look at the most productive time to plant food for themselves otherwise they would have gone hungry.

I also love how colourful your pots are, what paint did you use on the plastic? I would like to have something like that on my allotment. :D

I used acrylic paint and made a post about how I did it here:

Would love to see pics if you re-create this in any way :)

Have fun on your allotment!

I think I need to invest in some acrylic paint, I do think I have some somewhere but where that is the question.
I always have fun down there, it is great, tiring but we all like the peace that it brings to us. :D

Right! I have never met anyone who doesn't like lettuce. Your wall is a great way to utilize space.

Though plastic makes great containers, you aren't worried about chemicals leaching into the soil, especially when heated by the sun?

I know it isn't a perfect solution but it is my best chance at producing food on this wall without spending a ton of money. We are just about to buy a sewing machine and look at re-creating the material pots I bought. If I can just figure out how to hang material pots perhaps I can replace the plastic for next year. But you are right of course. Plastic like this can leech chemicals into the soil.

I planted some lettuce seeds about a month ago and they have 5 leaves now, wasn't sure if I should replant them yet, but I'm going to copy and do it now as you know what you're doing and I don't have a clue 😄!!!!!

Btw, your link led to a png file only, and if you do find a free lunar planting calender please do let me know. I'm familar with the lunar calander, but not how it it ties in with the planting cycle. Thanks!

Sorry about that. Have adjusted the link now;)

This is my first year growing so like you I'm still figuring things out...

Thanks for the link.

Well, I can only say, you seem to know what to do much better than I do, so I have just replanted my lettuce today!!

Thanks :) x

i remember planting when i was a kid. all these kid planting stuff but it does not always lead to harvest

Planting by the moon is way more important than most people understand. And having the right amount of soil for the plants. Which in most cases I don't!

But even a small harvest is better than no harvest ;)

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oooh nice! i was just talking to a friend about biodynamic gardening.. Ive played with it a bit in india, we had some good schools near where i lived in Kodaikanal.. it feels good.. I loved vortexing water.. and making some magic potions.. and yes its all about the timing!

bring on the salads!

just found a link to my old post on it.. might be fun read..

if anyone wants to learn more about biodynamic gardening, here is a nice long 3Hr movie!

Esoteric Philosopher Author Botanist Extraordinaire Rudolf Steiner ~ Biodynamic Pioneer