Natural medicine|| Healthy medicinal Tulsi leafs tea.

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Good morning all my hive friends, I hope everyone is well.Today you will enjoy healthy medicinal Tulsi leafs tea.Really so healthy and nutritious.Tulsi leafs helps us from various kinds of uncountable disease.i hope everyone will like this Tulsi leafs tea.Last of all i will discuss about the benefits of Tulsi leafs tea.Now i am sharing how to make healthy Tulsi leafs tea recipe.


Let's start


Tulsi leafs40 pieces
Ginger Chopping1 tablespoons
Clove4 pieces
Cinnamon1 piece
Cardamom2 piece
Salt1 pinch
Bay leaves4 pieces
Water2 Cup

The making of preparation and process

First of all I collected Tulsi leafs from Tulsi tree.I gathered 40 pieces Tulsi leafs from Tulsi tree.After that I washed Tulsi leafs with fresh water .


I took cardamom, cinnamon, clove,salt ,bay leaves, ginger chopping ,and water.


I kept a pot on the oven.I mixed 2 Cup water in pot .

I mixed cinnamon, cardamom, ginger chopping , clove ,with water in pot on the oven one by one

I add bay leaves and mixed 1 pinch salt.

After boiling sometimes, i mixed Tulsi leafs and Boiled 8 minutes.The beautiful colors of the Tulsi leafs are mixed with the water.

I strained Tulsi leafs tea with a strainer properly.


Thus i made healthy Tulsi leafs tea.Now Tulsi leafs tea is ready to serve.

The benefits of Tulsi leafs and Tulsi leafs tea


Tulsi leafs have more and more benefits for every humans bodies.Tulsi leafs helps to fight against various kinds of dangarous disease.Tulsi leafs include antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can fight cancer diabetes liver problems Tulsi leafs have so many medicinal properties that this leaf is considered as a medicine Tulsi leafs benefits are endless but to stay healthy we need one Tulsi leaf every day. Tulsi leafs are considered to be an excellent stress reliever, this leaf also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve fatigue of the day in no time. Tulsi leafs can work by awakening the internal energy of the body and it reduces stress gradually helps in weight loss Tulsi leafs can prevent blood sugar level and cholesterol so you can easily get rid of weight gain and if any hormone level is low then your stress is removed then weight loss becomes easier.


Tulsi leafs are very effective in removing the problem. The anti-inflammatory material in Tulsi can easily remove all these eye problems. Tulsi leafs also help to remove watery eyes or vision problems. Tulsi leafs help to control diabetes. For people with type 2 diabetes, Tulsi leaves help in the production of insulin hormones. Works to lower blood sugar levels Make it a habit to eat tulsi leaves daily before meals Tulsi leaves work as an anti-diabetic medicine Not only is it effective in preventing diabetes Stomach problems There is no medicine like tulsi leaves for stomachaches Stomach pains Tulsi leaves are great for everything else It is even very useful for stomach ulcers and minor stomach aches.
Tulsi leafs Tulsi leaves in water reduces sore throat Tulsi leaves are very effective in preventing cancer Tulsi leaves contain radio protective properties that destroy tumor cells.
The Tulsi leafs tea can be easily removed from the body even during fever Tulsi leaves are very useful if you boil Tulsi leafs well and drink that water, you can get rid of various diseases very easily.In a word the benefits of Tulsi leafs and Tulsi leafs tea are endless.


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