🌱🌶 Garden Harvest Before Full LockDown 🔒 🍅 Paramaribo, Suriname

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Today I pick green vegetables in the garden. I made soup for lunch from it. Here Suriname lockdown 100% now.

We are a very difficult time to buy somethings we need. I will try to make the food everything we have. I feel too tired when to hear this info.


This is potatoes I grow up a few days. I buy potatoes to eat but I keep so long time to make it then it's growing up itself. 😁 I am growing because like that. 😆

The Garden

I pick green chilli for make sauce.
I pick tomato for salad.
I pick spinach for soup.
I pick it for soup.


My landlord tell me it’s medicine and it’s veggie, people in here like eat it so much. I pick it for my soup. Now my family like it also.

Green onion grow up last night.
This is luffa I pick it for soup.
This is chili in Suriname very spicy and so hot but looking very cute.
I looks love this chili. I don’t pick it, keep it for play looks.


This is coriander my landlord grow it a few weeks ago. In the vegetable market not have it but China store has it very expensive. I like to use it some my food.


The tomatoes very good, a few days ago I picked it for my recipe, tomato salad with toasted rice.

the watermelon

Before I grow up more vegetables the other but when we want to leave here, we are stopped it.

But it’s not good luck for my family when we are to leave here they lockdown because coronavirus. Now we are starting grow it again.

Because we can’t leave here maybe a long time. But I hope everything good better soon and coronavirus end very soon.

This is the baby peanut.
Ivy gourd or tindora.
Bell pepper.
Water morning glory.


This is a photo not clear because the light of the sun. I like it because it’s beautiful of natural. My daughter @kidsisters take pictures to give me.

The vegetables soup
Chili sauce.

Today I made soup green vegetables with tofu. And I made chili sauce eat with soup also.

My husband like chili sauce with vegetables soup very much it’s style my country.

I not show my recipe soup vegan because I know all people know make it. Have a great day to you all. 😊💕💕


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Monkey B




You have a lovely garden! I really like the photo that your daughter made, with the sunburst of light coming from the corner! I processed that shot a little to make it look like a painting! 😊


Wow, this is amazing picture of edit. I love this so much. I want to know edit like you! Thank you very much @thekittygirg for your edit really beautiful. 😍👍🤝😘

I will to share your edit to my fb! Thank you very much for your time. 😘💞

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We have had 2 km long food queues here in Thailand for months already, so we feel your distress. You are lucky to be in a warm place, in summer, where things grow fast. We too, are lucky that way.

Encourage you to breathe into the space and yes, you will find much more to eat than you have believed possible. We expect LOTS of new recipe posts and information about the new ingredients you discover.

Enjoy the moments as best you can, and be safe. Very happy you have a garden.

Yes, when I hear into full lockdown, I really not happy because two months ago we are staying at home. But we can freedom to walk, no now. I really happy to have a some veggies in garden but I happy more than if I have freedom. It’s ok, we are stay safe at home. Thank you very much @artemislives . 🥰🙏🏻

Great to see you have a productive garden!
I was so happy we had our gardens set up when we were told to shelter in place. I do my gardening for food security!
Looks like a lovely meal you prepared for your family and with lovely fresh produce!

Yes, We are lucky to have veggies in the garden when a time like this you too. Thank you so much @porters. 😊

You truly has become one of my favorite bloggers.

I love reading your posts; they make me feel calm and peace. You look like a very peaceful and easy-going person.

And that garden!!!!!!!! Oh my 😍😍😍😍!!!!
I am growing bell peppers, tomatoes and oregano at the moment. Hopping for my garden to grow and I get really excited when I think that soon I'll be cooking with my homegrown food. ❤️

Btw, that picture your girl took you? I ADORE IT! Pictures with sun rays are my favorite.

Oh, dear friend @neyxirncn I really thank you so much for your words. 😍😘

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 last year (edited)

Wow! very nice! you look like me!!! I did post also about my gardens!!! I did harvest POTATO before, but now it's a hot season, I change all plant to Watermelon, Corn, Water Spinach, and Squash. Inside our house, we have lettuce plants.

 last year (edited)

Wow, very good your job! We have lettuce too but we growing two weeks. Thank you @kennyroy . I hope to see your posts more about your garden. 😊

What a lovely garden! Those very cute pale yellow chilis you have look so familiar: in Hungary they have a variety that looks very similar, but it's also quite mild, almost sweet, while yours are very spicy.
Love I also like your coriander! Here in Mexico they eat a lot of it, and call it cilantro.
My favorite picture is the one your daughter took, illuminated by the rays of sunshine. It makes your garden look even more beautiful.

@stortebeker thank you very much. 😍 I love this picture too. I see chili in here the other. Some chili is spicy but yum but some chili very spicy and hot like that not yum. I like chili but I like a little spicy.

That garden is so wonderful and full of great stuff. So much variety. I am happy you have this for the crazy lockdown that is so unfair. I wish you all the best my friend.

Give thanks to my friend and you too!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Beautiful! :)

😊 Thanks.

I thought you lived in cambodia 😅 . Nice and well-maintained garden.

I am from Cambodia but I living in Suriname one year ago. Thank you 😊