@SreyPov's 🥕 Natural Life Journal #2 🧘🏽 (En/Thai)

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I am learning English, Thai and Hive-Blogging through my natural life journal. Please enjoy my blog.

@SreyPov's Natural Life Journal and its template are supervised by me 👳‍♂️ (@justinparke).
@SreyPov is responsible for her own text, spelling and grammar. Tips are appreciated.

@Sreypov's 🧘🏽‍♀️ Natural Life Journal 📓 #2
Date 📅 Monday, May 4th, 2020
Location 🗺️ Paramaribo, Suriname

👩🏽‍⚕️☸️ What I Did For My Health Today 🍵🥭


I’m with vegetable bag


In the morning, I walked to go to the market and I come back for 30 minutes. I buy vegetables and tofu, tempeh, some fruit. I eat vegan food four years already.

I think vegan food very well for health! Before I sick a lot because I ate everything I wanted but when I ate only vegan food I have health than good.

I stop take medicine four years ago, I feeling have good health today.


ในตอนเช้าฉันเดินไปตลาดและกลับมา 30 นาที ฉันซื้อผักและเต้าหู้ เทมเป้ และผลไม้ฉันกินอาหารมังสวิรัติสี่ปีแล้ว

ฉันคิดว่าอาหารเจดีที่สุดสำหรับสุขภาพ! ก่อนที่ฉันจะป่วยมากเพราะฉันกินทุกอย่างที่ฉันต้องการแต่เมื่อฉันกินอาหารเจฉันมีสุขภาพดีกว่า

ฉันหยุดทานยาสี่ปีแล้ว ฉันรู้สึกมีสุขภาพที่ดี

👩‍🍳🧙‍♀️ What I Did For My Family Today 🤸‍♀️👷‍♀️


Lok Lak Tempeh


I teaching my daughters everything I know. I teach her how to help the family. I teaching the Khmer language to them a little bit but every day.

I made lok lak tempeh for lunch today and Khmer dessert.


ฉันสอนลูกสาวทุกอย่างที่ฉันรู้ ฉันสอนพวกเขาช่วยทำงานบ้านนิดหน่อยสำหรับครอบครัวพวกเรา ฉันสอนภาษาเขมรพวกเขาได้นิดหน่อยแต่ทำทุกวัน

วันนี้ฉันจะทำ lok lak temple สำหรับอาหารกลางวันและฉันจะทาํขนมเขมร

🌞 Today's Reflections... 💭


I am in Cambodia four years ago


I thinking a lot about food. What food I make tomorrow for my family, delicious and good for health.

I want to cook Khmer food, Thai, Indonesia,but here not have some things I need to cook.

I missed the Cambodian. Cambodia has everything I need for my food.


ฉันคิดมากเกี่ยวกับอาหาร ว่าวันพรุ่งนี้ฉันจะทำอาหารอะไรสำหรับครอบครัวของฉัน อร่อยและก็ดีมากสำหรับสุภาพพวกเรา

ฉันอยากทำอาหารเขมร, ไทย, อินโดนีเซีย แต่อยู่ที่นี่ไม่มีอะไรที่ฉันต้องการสำหรับทำอาหารของฉันเลย

ฉันคิดถึงกัมพูชา กัมพูชามีทุกสิ่งที่ฉันต้องการสำหรับอาหารของฉัน


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That is some lovely, delicious looking food you prepared for your family - looks like something I'd like to learn to cook!

Food has become more important in my life right now, to sustain ourselves and keep us healthy while we shelter in place!

That is a great way to learn English and Thai!

Thanks for sharing part of your life!

I want to post the recipe food but my English is not good. It is difficult for me. Thank you so much 🙏🏻

They still make tempeh here the old-fashioned way, using banana leaves as the mold and wrapper. All natural and no trash left behind. I wish more products used local forms of natural packaging.

I like that idea of using banana leaves or other such natural product that only adds to the dish and not the extra packaging that is often so unnecessary! I hope your wife's English improve to a point where she feels comfortable sharing her recipes - they look delicious!

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You are surely speaking my language with that bag of veggies and delicious tempeh meal! That's the beautiful thing about good healthy food--it crosses all language barriers! :)

Thank you for reading my post and your comments🙏🏻😍

Not too many folks eating tempeh every day in S. America. I don't know what we would do without it here.

Very nice! I like how you split your bilingual (two language) text in the middle. And your English is quite good. Sure, it can improve, and it will, I'm sure, but I can understand everything, so it serves its purpose. Keep up the great work!

Thank you a lot for your comments. I will try to learn more English.🙏🏻😊

Glad you feel the spirit @stortebeker. I could translate her words but something gets lost. I really do feel the post has more character with her nearly unaltered text. I only make recommendations if something is too unclear, but you're right, her English is now good enough to do this by herself.

Absolutely! Using the language is the requirement for improving. But since everything can be understood clearly, all the supposed "mistakes" just underline her own style.

Mom I love ❤️ you so much. Do you know?

Fresh food is everybody's language!! Eating and making your own natural medicine is smart - your daughters have much to be proud of!

@kaminchan - maybe you can help connect @sreypov to some Thai speaking people to follow her and encourage her Thai language??

Thank you very much🙏🏻😊

I am sorry everyone🙏🏻my English and Thai are not good.


I see that you are trying to learn Thai language. Nowadays, most engaging Thai bloggers have left the platform and powered down. There was a scam and subsequent fraud by some Thai bloggers which caused lots of damage and bad division. Those whom got hurt had left their bad experiences behind.

Fortunately, my hunches were right and I did not get scammed by them. Because I did not take their side, mud slinging took place. But I believed in law of karma! I just kept my silence and waited; those people were gone now. But those smaller people who took the wrong side are trying to come back without saying ‘sorry’. It doesn’t work, people remember!

We have a team leader, you will find more about them if you look up ‘thaiteam’ and ‘tookta’.

I guess there are conflicts where there is money involved! That’s why there was this hard fork into Hive. Even Steemfest had some conflicts with Thai community; that’s why most people are leaving and powering down.

This is the real world of good and bad people. I could not tell you everything I have learned here. Be careful and choose your friends with care! There are many good people out there, but they are fed up with scammers!

Peace and love be with you!

There are rules for joining the main Thai community. You’ll have to look at those two bloggers above. We used to have many members from Laos as well, but they were all gone now. I didn’t know why, but I heard something about someone trying to lead the group! Again another scammer pretending to be working for members by controlling them. Be independent! Be free! Be happy! Karma rules!

Oh, I am sorry about that. Thank you very much for telling me the news.

Okay! Have a nice day!!
Your green setting is ideal for the future world. Self sufficiency is very important for surviving in uncertainty.

Good luck.

Thank you again.you too.

Thanks @kaminchan for this valuable information. We're following @thaiteam, and I already know @tookta, which I recommended @Sreypov follow for more Thai connections.

Okay, it’s safe to follow tookta! She has lots of patience! Amazing! LoL

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So proud of you @Sreypov, and look at all these lovely folks stopping in to say hi. I think your personality shows through in your English. I don't want to translate your words because your English is good enough to get your message to the readers.

Hello - @artemislives on behalf of Natural Medicine

So great to see @sreypov doing more and more of this herself. Looking fwd to her next installment.


Yeah,Thank you very much.

Your computer skills have increased so much over the last month @Sreypov. I know it takes nearly two days to make your journal posts, but it's only because you're a native Khmer speaker. Posting in Thai and English is hard, but there's no Cambodian curation community on the Hive.

You are proving to Hive that Cambodians are just as smart as everyone else. All it takes is a week of Canva, photography and markdown lessons. You're 90% there, you just need to understanding tagging and communities. Unfortunately, even I, a native English speaker, don't know where to post sometimes.

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Thank you very much 😇🙏🏻