Mugwort Latte

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I had a huge forage the other day and have sooo much good stuff, so sorry for the barrage of foraging posts but I have spent a lot of today preparing things :)

I made a latte using Mugwort, mugwort is great for:

Easing menstrual pain,
Improving digestion
Reducing anxiety and depression
Promotes dream retention
Helps with weight loss
Helps to strengthen the immune system
Detoxifies the body.

Don't use mugwort if you are pregnant and also be aware of not using too much. Research yourself before using.


This is a mugwort latte. I started off of course collecting the mugwort....


Since I didn't want to wait, I dehydrated the leaves and flowers separately for about 8 hours on low heat.


I took a few of the leaves and ground them to a fine powder using a mortar and pestle.


After making a mugwort powder I added it to the bottom of a cup with a little maple syrup and stir with a small amount of boiling water, I then added some steamed milk on top and then a shot of espresso on the top! OMG was this delicious and it made me feel high as a kite lol.

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@nateonsteemit @senorcoconut .... things to do with mugwort!!

Can I ask what kind of high?

i felt some heart opening then just high lol, I don't take drugs but imagine similar to some types of weed maybes. if i have taken weed i just felt tired but this is more buzzy, ill let you know if i dream more lol

I am SO going to try this when it's mugwort season here!

OMGoddess!! Wow. We have artemesia growing RAMPANT during the rains... must CUT and DRY some. No espresso machine here 😭 but thinking I could improvise with french press coffee and coconut milk. Harvesting and an artemesia post added to my to-do list. Always wondered why people choose the common name "mugwort" when artemesia sounds so much more healing and goddessey. But then I'm probably biased. LOL

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what is artemesia ? I have a turkish coffee maker at the moment and just let a tiny little bit come through

oh wait it's another name for mugwort :) I totally agree with you it's sooooooo much nicer.

I think knowing the Latin is just as important because common names can often be used on multiple plants. And in this case, knowing that it's an artemesia means that I have something already that might work.

for sure :) am still a bit of a newbie with foraging but loving the learning journey :)