Raw vegan cookie dough

in Natural Medicine8 months ago

I made this raw vegan cookie dough inspired by a Cara Brotman recipe from 'The Healthy life' by just mixing nut butter, a few drops of. vanilla essence, coconut flour, maple syrup and some cacao nibs, great little healthy desert :D

Lilith my cat got her nose in it the second i went inside to get my camera though! Cats love nut butter




hey sarah! Mmmnm. that looks rather enticing! Did you know were doing a vegan cooking month on ecoTrain,.. please do share a recipe with us.. so far its off hook with some genuinely amazing recipes.. id love to see some of yours.. ill be making a PDF at the end for us all to have.. <3


Ooh I’ll chrck it out I once tried to do eat healthy vegan for a week for £15 or something it was almost impossible I was crying for fruit by day 2