Raw vegan princess cake

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This year I was visiting friends for Christmas as my dad is poorly so for the first year I won’t be spending it with family.
I made a four layer raw vegan princess cake. The bottom layer is a sponge made from ground almonds and coconut flour, then there is a custard layer, a jam made from fresh strawberries and chia seeds and a coconut cream layer. It’s coated in raw vegan marzipan made green by adding spirulina and spinach.

I was so impressed with this recipe, it looked like it was going wrong at many stages lol but rly ended coming out amazingly. It was super delicious and each layer really had the texture of what it was meant to be. This cake has no sugar, no processed ingredients and isn’t heated in anyway. It honestly tasted amazing and wasn’t too sweet, I personally hate super sickly things. This was such a great option for a healthy Christmas cake 🍰. It’s still high in fat so a treat but all good fats like coconut oil, nuts and coconut cream.

You can find the recipe here:







I can't wait to try it! It looks delicious and I am so intrigued by the combined taste of the ingredients.
Thanks so much for sharing and I hope that you did have a safe and wonderful xmas filled with love and peace!

May all of your new years from this day one be filled with joy, success, abundance, good health and harmony.

It’s delicious I find a lot of the raw vegan cakes end up tasting like coconut oil lol or cacao but this one was truly unique :)

SO glad to hear! It's definitely on the menu when I get back to my home thanks!

Cool, this sounds amazing! I'm gonna keep this one in mind, would like to try something like it someday. I also don't like those super sweet cakes anymore. I like when they're fruity and fresh :-)

Yes if I ever eat desert it has to be natural and not too sweet !

Imma try this.