An idea: how about hosting a bread baking contest?

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Bread baking contest

Currently many of you stay at home longer than usual. Baking bread is one of the ways to spend time inside with a tasty result. Bread can rise while you are working at home.

If you don't find yeast, you can catch them from air. If you don't have wheat flour, you can try other varieties such as rye, spelt, rice and so on. Everyone in the community is certainly happy to help you bake a loaf.

So how about having weekly bread baking contest at least until the end of the Easter holidays?

@akippon, the host of breadbakers & author this post, is happy to put some HIVE into the prize pool. For example 20Hive for the 1st, 10Hive for 2nd and 5Hive for 3rd. Reward to the posts related to the contest can be in the prize pool too.

Everything such as topic (no topic, sourdough, cultural bread ...), duration of the contest, how to decide winners, distribution of prize money etc is open. All your suggestion is welcome.

Have a good week and happy bread baking!

Note: My English isn't perfect. Please let me know if somethings aren't clear ;)


Ohhh sigh, I deviated .... I have baked cookies (and muffins, but you already have seen this on insta I fear) again. Your bread baking contest would be a great incentive for me to bake bread instead of muffins or cookies. We are currently eating Knäckebrot, as I did not started some dough for bread 😂😂
A weekly or monthly theme is a great idea, as it will widen the horizon of what is possible in bread baking. 🍞
I like this idea very much (by the way my sourdough has its first bubbles 🎉)

I'll wait feedbacks for a week and start the challenge (maybe better than "contest"). I bake muffins and cookies ... my daughter wants to bake them ;) ;)

And Prost! to your bubbling sour dough! Yuuuhuuu party 🎉

It's a nice one, sincerely it's cool but I would have really loved it if it isn't bread only...other foods that can be baked can be included.

Thank you for your feedback cherylsonty! We like cookies and muffins too but as we are bread baking community, we will stick to bread. Something in between bread and cake such as Banana bread can be possible :)