I am OFFICIALLY a Steem Chef.


Say what you want about intuition: But I had a strange feeling that the foodie tribe would do well on steem. Some tribes just seem like a good idea. That's when I invest. When I get that why didn't I think of that feeling; I buy tokens on #steem-engine.

Here is a picture of me with my Chefs hat.

All jokes aside: I do love to cook. When I first joined steem i entered the infamous sandwich competitions. Once a week I would make a special sandwich and compete for a big steem giveaway. the more people that entered the bigger the prize! There was some stiff competition from some talented cooks.
ciabatta bread, Micro greens, arugula, brie, avocado and bacon

I suppose this is my #introduceyourself post for Foodies... I've been reading a few people's blogs already.

If you are new to my channel welcome! I will be making some high quality cooking posts! Probably once a week or every few days ill make something nice that's worth photographing and blogging about.

I hope everyone enjoys my creations. WARNING do not view on an empty stomach XD Bye for now!


Oh yeah! That's awesome! Welcome to the tribe Chef! Looking forward to seeing your cooking posts. Just looking at that photo got the juices flowing... yum!

Thank you that is flattering. I was just thinking how i wish i had that sandwich again. Any plans to do foodie competitions? It was really fun. I lost track of who ran the sandwich one im sure they are on foodie though.