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It two weeks since I've posted in the Foodie Bee Hive and there's no way I'm going to let it get to two months again, so here I am with a post about an extremely easy course to prepare. It can be a desert alternative or can just be served with crackers and wine, which is how we usually have it in our house.

Right then, let's get straight down to it, shall we?

@Ablaze's Tasty Cheeseboard

Blue Cheese
Brie Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Mature Cheddar cheese with piquillo pepper and paprika
Irish Oakwood Smoked Cheddar
Tomato, Olive and Basil Cheese
Parma Ham

Ok, let's get to it, get all of your ingredients out beside you and roll up your sleeves

STEP 1: Get your block of Blue Cheese and remove the packaging and cut into a few sections.


STEP 2: Get your block of Tipperary Brie with black pepper and remove the packaging and cut into a few sections.


STEP 3: I always like to add some grapes to a cheese board.


STEP 4: Get your block of Mature Cheddar with piquillo pepper and paprika and remove the packaging and cut into a few sections.


STEP 5: Get your block of Irish Oakwood Smoked Cheddar and remove the packaging and cut into a few sections.


STEP 6: Get your block of Tomato, Olive and Basil Cheese and remove the packaging and cut into a few sections.


STEP 7: Get your mature Cheddar Cheese and remove the packaging and cut into a few sections.


STEP 8: last but by no means worst, we have our spicy chorizo, which I grilled on each side for about four minutes after chopping it into slices.



STEP 9: Now get your Parma Ham and Salami and add to the serving platter.


STEP 10: Grab a nice bottle of red wine and a couple of glasses and enjoy with the Cheeseboard. I didn't do that this time, as I am still doing dry January, I'm looking forward to opening this nice bottle soon.


Bon appetite!!

You're done! Time to tuck in and enjoy the fruit of your labours!



These photos are all my own

Thanks as always for stopping by everyone.

Peace Out



Cheese.... I can skip the meaty parts. Just give me cheese! Any.

Bon appetite! :)

Ya cheese is unreal isn't it!! I don't know how the Vegans do it, I don't think I could live without cheese!!

They must hate cheese :D

My kind of cheeseboard I love it!
Sticking to the Spanish theme I would add some Iberico jamon or jamon de serrano and some Manchego cheese.
Extra mature cheddar I can eat by the barrowload!

Sticking to the Spanish theme I would add some Iberico jamon or jamon de serrano

Always good. I really like Spain. The food. The weather. The people. I guess being a Galway man, there is probably some Spanish blood there too someplace.

And Extra mature cheddar, yep, always an absolute winner!!

Omg I love cheeseboard , with my friends sometimes we made some cheese party where we try different kind of cheese accompanied by different kind of wines ❤️😍

Omg I love cheeseboard

Me too! :)

Those evenings with your friends sound right up my street, cheese and wine, yes please!


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Thanks a mil @sirenahippie and @foodiesunite

You're welcome my friend!

That looks very appetizing, @ablaze. Thank you and I am glad it is almost lunchtime because I am hungry now.


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Haha, ya reading Foodie posts always makes me hungry too! 😋

It's worth the risk to me, @ablaze!
Happy Midweek.😀

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Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

Those cheeses just made me drool so hard :)

Ha ha! Good stuff!!

That looks so incredibly similar to what I did for New Years Eve! Fun, enjoyable, easy to clean up! And great with wine, indeed.

Ya man that's it exactly 💯

Your cheeseboard made me hungry.
I love cheese and all charcuterie and its better with a little cup of wine its another way to see the grapes hehe.
I've tried some of the cheeses you mentioned but I'd like to try the smoked one.
I've tried some smoked cheeses but not that one.

Smoked anything is always nice and as you say this always goes well with a good wine 👌

Looks great 😺👍

Thanks auld stock

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