Have You Ever Tasted Grilled Coconut?

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Enjoying young coconut with a little added syrup, sugar and ice cubes may be familiar. But what if the coconut is served burnt?

Does that sound unique?

Grilled coconut is one of the typical drinks that can be found in Aceh, especially the city of Banda Aceh. In the Acehnese language, roasted coconut is called "Boh U Teutot".

There are a number of stalls in the capital of Aceh that make roasted coconut their mainstay menu. The price is quite affordable, only around 15 thousand rupiah for one serving. Don't imagine the coconut is just being burned.

After burning for about an hour, the coconut will be served with additional honey, pandan leaves and various other spices, according to your choice. Roasted coconut is believed to contain properties, but has not been medically tested.


In addition to its unique presentation, how to enjoy grilled coconut is also unique. You will be invited to try brewing warm coconut water with a straw.

So, if you go to Aceh, don't forget to try "U Teutot".


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