Charcoal Frozen Yogurt for Natural Detoxification


Natural activated charcoal is known to have pores that are effective in binding toxins and harmful chemicals that enter the body through the digestive system.

We often see various body care products and cosmetics that use natural activated charcoal. But have you ever eaten foods that contain natural activated charcoal?

So this time I will share my experience when I enjoyed Black Sakura by Sour Sally at that time, yogurt made from natural activated charcoal.

Black Sakura by Sour Sally


There are two new products released by Sour Sally, Black Sakura, and White Skim. This time I am interested in trying the Black Sakura variant.

I have never tried frozen yogurt with natural activated charcoal in it.

If natural activated charcoal is in coffee, I have tried it.

Out of curiosity, I also bought this Black Sakura frozen yogurt variant.

Why is it Called Black Sakura?

Black is the black color that comes from natural activated charcoal. While the naming Sakura is a refreshing cherry blossom flavor that also blends in this frozen yogurt.

Sour Sally claims that Black Sakura is a natural detox, rich in probiotics and low in fat.


Delicious and Healthy

The texture of frozen yogurt is really fun, like ice cream, but of course, it's softer.

In my opinion, Frozen Yogurt by Sour Sally is also not too sour, because it is combined with fruit toppings, gravy, and crunchies like biscuit crumbs.

So this product is suitable for those of you who want to learn to like eating yogurt but still delicious.

Natural activated charcoal also has benefits for reducing gas in the digestive system and overcoming diarrhea. So this frozen yogurt product is indeed maximal in terms of nourishing the digestive system because it is also rich in probiotics.

A wide selection of toppings and sauces



We can choose fruit toppings with two variants for the regular version. Or we can also add crunchies topping and various choices of sauces.

Here I choose mango and longan fruit toppings. For the topping, I chose Secret Coco.


Oh super yummy! The melted Secret Coco sauce made everything taste even greater because I love coconut. Secret Coco is a coconut sauce mixed with nuts. It's perfect!

Even though it is relatively pricey around 4 USD for regular cup size, I am very satisfied to enjoy this Charcoal Frozen Yogurt-Black Sakura by Sour Sally.

I'm addicted and want to buy it again next time.



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Wow! This looks very tempting!! I am supposed to be on a diet!!

😍😍😍😋 I waaaaaant it again and again

Never heard of charcoal frozen yogurt before!
Was that vegan? Which milk?
Would be interesting to learn a step-by-step recipe of something like this if you can recreate it at your home :)

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