Invest In Food Styling Equipment


I can't stop myself from food styling equipment for food photography purposes! I can stop myself from buying clothes or other fashion. But I'm bad at holding back from shopping for kitchen tools!

My mother often complains about a large number of plates in my kitchen which I always add to when I travel.

Well, I always hunt for collections for food styling purposes. Usually, I like hunting ceramic plates.



This time I will share the results of hunting for food styling equipment. The stuff I got was the stuff we usually find in the kitchen for advanced food styling tools. It's just that I haven't had them before. So I decided to buy this kit!


I shopped at one of the outlets for the brand “MR. DIY” in my city. I will also share the results of the trials with you. Stay tuned!


Sometimes I buy random what I think looks cute when it's on the shooting table. Lol. But this time I have more control over myself to buy only what I need.

I focused on hunting for useful supplies for styling desserts. At first, I was not excited because I thought I would not find the latest collection.

Finally, after walking around, I was amazed! I found some collections of plates and food-styling equipment that I really need!





I've found an interesting small plate set. Previously I had trouble finding the right size plate for desserts.

Even though it's made of plastic and not ceramic, this small plate set looks quite photo-worthy.




One set consists of 4 plates and is equipped with a container to support the plates. So after washing, we can put the plates in this container for the drying process.



I bought black and pink plates for my food plating collection.



In the food styling process, especially in cakes, what is served is often not the initial form of the cake. The cake will be cut according to taste.


I bought two types of cake and cookie cutters with a square and a circle shape. Each form has several variations in various sizes. So later the size of the cake that is cut using these tools is adjusted to the plating plate. These tools can be used for cakes, cookies, as well as pudding types.




I also bought a big yellow plate for my plating collection. This will probably be optional in my everyday plating use. Because I usually use a white plate.



With a size large enough, later I will feel free to decorate my food on this food plating.



When serving desserts, I always use several sauces at once. I don't have enough sauce bottles in my kitchen, so I'm adding another one to my collection of sauce bottles.

For the brush, I chose a brush with silicone material to make it last longer. I will use this brush to shape the sauce on the plating plate, or for other cooking purposes as well.





If you are often visiting my food blog, then you will always see photos of my food that have flowers in it. Whether it's fresh flowers or artificial flowers.

So this time I bought 3 types of artificial flowers with soft and neutral colors. White, pink and, soft blue.




I can't wait to use the equipment I've bought. So I tried the desserts and breakfast menu.

Enjoy the results of my food photography using the new equipment!











That was about my new collection of food photography equipment. What do you think? Do you guys have equipment like this in the kitchen too?

Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.


All pictures were taken with iPhone 11.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration for foods that are easy to make and contain elements of health.
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It shows a lot of hard work behind each photograph!

Indeed. always there is stories behind it :)

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Hi Ang. Last month my son and I went on shopping tu buy things we were needing to do our publications and for preparing things to sell. We still need more things, but for the moment we have enough. I need light, a good camara and some cutters and trays, there are things you can use that you see around you and they are useful. I never thought of making this kind of publication, well done. Thanks for giving us ideas to be better.

Make sure that we buy the useful things for publications in the future.

Thanks for stopping by @ladyfont

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There are great purchases you made. They should help you styling and in making more beautiful delicacies

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Thank you 😊

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Wow, that's very interesting. You are a Food Artist, How can you imagine such mind-blowing decorating ideas.
No doubt such art makes It difficult to choose whether to eat or just watch. Keep it up 😊🙏

Ehehe, other people have to eat, not just watch :)

Lol, its funny that your mom complains about too many plates in your kitchen. You know everyone has something they are crazy about that each time they step out to the mall, market or anywhere, they always find themselves buying or longing for those things even when it wasn't in their budget or agenda initially hehehe.

I am glad you were able to control yourself and only stick to what you had in the list and wanted to buy. Those set of small plates are nice, I like the black one most.
And yes, I used to wonder why you place a flower after each food post you made, though it is always nice and attractive but I was just always curious but I never stopped by to ask lol.
I guess I will be seeing more of this new food styling equipment.

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I wonder too why I always use flowers lol.

My mom will complained again :P

Hahahaha, I guess she will.
So you mean you don't even know why you use flowers? That is serious, don't you think?

Only we Food Bloggers understand this haha. I too usually prefer to buy supplies for food photography than clothes or something else. The truth is that when it comes to photographing dishes, every detail counts 💕.

Loved those dishes you purchased, they are perfect! And the colors are just right 😍.


Your photography is awesome too. I love your food blog as well

Tell mom, they look good on photos so please don't complain. Lol. 😅

Nah when I tell about money, she didn't complain again. lol

Such wonderful photos and ideas! Thanks for sharing.

thanks for stopping by :)

@anggreklestari Your cooking utensils are very beautiful. This is exactly the first condition of cooking. The cooking utensils will be very beautiful. And the food decorations in them have been very good. Thanks for sharing beautiful and fresh new ideas.

Thanks sis

Love your creativity!

Thank you :)

Need to find these equipments on shopee. Lol

I active hunt photo products on Tokopedia. Lol. Shopee and Tokopedia are popular online shopping in Indonesia

The kitchen items are really lovely, even more now that they are made of such beautiful pastel colors. I congratulate you for having controlled yourself and buying only what is necessary. I like the detail that the flowers add to the photos, it complements very well ❤.

Honestly, it took me a long time in that place to think about what I really needed :)

Thanks for stopping by @lauramica

Bilang sama manak, gapapa lha mak, kan ini bisa buat nyari cuan 🤣

hahaha penting cuaan

Wow... good business idea... hopefully i can invest in one of food bisiness

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I hope so for you :)

Thanks for stopping by

Wow, this is a great business of yours very lovely. I hope to invest on the food business too.

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The black & the pink looks nice! 😉 Also the square shape...
But too much plastic!😧
I never eat out of plastic and try to avoid it as much as possible.
And if i can't get it plastic-free, I actually unpack all ingredients that i buy
and put them in glasses.

Yeees too much plastic unfortunately. Market in here still have no other way to create packaging

Wrap up stone plates in recycling that so hard??
Propose it to the shop owner. 😉
You know you also eat small particles of micro-plastic every
time you use plastic dish. If you can't avoid it, try to get BPA-free plastic.

Saludos!! Es todo un arte lo que haces, con qué delicadeza eliges cada detalle ✨ me encantaron tus nuevos elementos para set de fotos, abrazos 🌸

sister, the picture is so beatiful. can you teach me to take good photos?

Very nice work wow WOW.

Thank you so much

I see you are also a curator on the steemit platform, now you are also a curator on foodies/hive.

I see you are also a curator on the steemit platform, now you are also a curator on foodies/hive.

Great story

thanks :)


You look very ill... get well soon :(

Hola @anggreklestari saludos, de verdad que tus imágenes son de otro mundo, quisiera tomarlas igual (risas) haces que mis días cambien, ya que le das otra perspectiva a tus platillos se ve sumamente delicioso, deberías de enseñarme como hacer esas tomas fotográficas, además que le añades contenido de calidad a tus hermosas recetas, bendiciones infinitas y larga vida amiga.

Love your Foodie post!

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f you didn´t tell and show in the beginning, I wouldn´t notice them in the arrangement that they are plastic. I find my food photography props in flea market or 2nd hand shops. The more worn out the tools , plates and cutlery, the better. Congrats to a beautiful and colorful arrangement. Love it!