Upgrading Food Photography Equipment

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Investing in food photography equipment is addictive! I always want to upgrade many things in the kitchen equipment.

So this time I will share what I bought to upgrade my food photography equipment.



When shopping at that time, I always make sure that the items I buy will be used. So it's not a waste of my money.


I bought a cutlery set, food tray, and placements. I was excited about some of the quick photography experiments I did with these items.

Most of the items this time focus on the gold color to add luxury to my food later.

A gold food tray looks striking but at the same time gives a different touch, for example to a cup of coffee that I put on the food tray. I can't wait to explore more of the reflections this food tray can bring.

The quick results of a quick photographic experiment look promising. What do you think?

Enjoy my video!





  • Camera: iPhone 11
  • Editing: Inshot Apps
  • Music: All I Love by Philip E Morris Via Inshot Apps

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Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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Who is Anggrek Lestari?

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Your new food photography equipment so awesome. Good luck. Sure...this would be good investment.

I like so much my new collections!

Thanks for watching :)

Ohhh that is secret behind....so beautifully food photos..
..those always used to be tempting...

Many kitchen tools behind beautiful food photos :)

Thanks for watching

excelente inversión @anggreklestari me encantan están hermosos, yo debo hacer esa inversion para mis trabajos acá en @foodiesbeehive, te envío un abrazo enorme dios te bendiga siempre amiga, le has dado un toque de clase a tus trabajos de ahora en adelante para tus fotos futuras.

Invest in our useful hobby, it won't waste money :)

Eso haré amiga, gracias por tu sabio consejo lo tomaré en cuenta.

I love it. Your earlier equipment was fantastic too. Food is not only about taste, but about good presentation also. Yummy and delicious food if presented badly, will not be tasted even. But worst of the foods if presented nicely, people would still try it.

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Yeep, that's why I tried my best to make nice presentation :)

Woow Awesome! Congrats

Thanks :)

your welcome! very cool equipments

Mupeng ya Allah😭

Let's buy it! :D

Checkout sopi deh🤣

Laper mata dduuhhhhh....

Tahan dompet wkwkk

Sayang dompetnya jg masih kosong 😀

Pengen juga 🤩🤩🤩

Kuy beli kuy

Canteekkk kaliiii

Thank you kak

Silau banget, alat makan mas. Mas sopo? Wkwk


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☝️ Kata-kata yang selalu ditunggu dan selalu bisa bikin happy 😁

Awesome stuff you got! Ditunggu foto-foto pake props foto barunya, yaaa 😉

Soy me encantó 😉

Oh wow! I'm sure you'll use that lot in your posts. I've never seen gold-colored cutlery before!






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I would imagine gods eating food in golden plates around a large table 😄 It definitely adds a nice classy touch!

You know what's gold also? Potatoes 😆

Its look like so expensiveeee. Ya ampun sendoknya emas wkwk

Pretty sis, i love them ;)..

Wao! I love this beautiful table setting 👍

Akkk jadi inget kemaren abis beli alat-alat makan...tapi terus mudik wkwk. :') ilang gak ya

@anggreklestari sis..Your food trays, plate mats and other handles are very nice. They look almost like gold.hi hi hi 😄 Things have become very beautiful.

beautiful and luxurious spoon