The Night After Getting Vaccine, Soup, and Warm Hugs

Sometimes, the warmth of a cup of soup is like the warmth of a hug that understands your restless chest or being constricted wanting to explode with your problems.


Have you ever felt a lot of people are there for you, but nothing really know about you at all? But, it's no one's fault. Yep, nope. Because we all have our own life responsibilities that we carry, right? Others are just being supportive, but all the decisions are yours. Ready or not. And time keeps ticking, or sometimes it seems to stop, just in your head because you hate to think about time.

A warm soup with a creamy one with a sprinkling of pepper and celery, and maybe a little splash of memory that has been created in the past. Tonight it accompanies me after today I got my first dose of vaccine.


My hands are in pain, but that's okay. So I stopped at a decent place to stop for today, and also for where I was staying the day. I have to go out of town to get the "PFIZER" vaccine because the vaccine stock in my city is no longer available.




I enjoyed a portion of mushroom soup served with a garlic toast. Yummy!

After finishing my soup, the night atmosphere is too bad to miss for taking pictures. So I did some shooting.


After from the restaurant I will return to enjoy the evening in the small room which may be very cold tonight. But somehow with a glimpse of memory that might warm up. :)




$2USD to buy warmth tonight and I hope the pain in my arm will get better soon. :)

Thank you for reading and upvotes my blog. Stay safe.


Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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We all free of our choices, I am sending you love my friend, take care!

Indeed! Take care :)

@anggreklestari very nice moment you spent there. A very tasty soup, which I got to know and see.And may your good times be spent in this way.

I had a good time for sure :)

Thanks sis :)

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Pain will subside by itself in one or two days. Hope you will be better soon 😊
Soup looks yummy,, good that you went for it after vaccination.
Take care, have little rest to let your body handle the vaccine effects if any!

Now I'm better and 100 percent healthy :)

However, it is normal to have a slight pain in the hand after some time of vaccination, but the pain gradually decreases. The mushroom soup looks delicious. Enjoyed the time quite well.

Yeah, it was a perfect soup for me after got the vaccine. Now I feel normal :)

Cream soup is one of my favorites 😍

I will explore more creamy soup :)

Yeah soup gave me big push up to my body when I tired busyness days. Mushroom soup so yummy. Only two time I drink it. Nice time spent after got vaccine.

Hope you feel better real so0on @anggreklestari
I love soup too

Thank you for your support. Now I'm feeling great :)

So glad to hear that. Keep well - hugs 🤗

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Anything warm is good for your body in cold days. Send you my warm hugs from New Zealand.

Hei @snownz008 Greetings from Indonesia :)

Enak bangett

Iya enak :)

Take care @anggreklestari 😊, I also have the same symptoms as you 24 hours after vaccination. Enjoyed the time quite well 😉

Glad, now I feel better and normal :) No negative symptoms in my body.

But now I have a big appetite. lol

Beautiful pictures! And I love your outfit! So many colors and it looks super comfy too :)
I hope you get better soon <3
All the best!

Thanks, dear <3 Now I'm okay. Ready to make more recipes :)

I'm glad, sounds good! But allow yourself some time off when you feel you need it <3

Hope you feel better now. That's what I felt too after my vaccine Pfizer shot.
I got fever too for two days.

I'm not having a fever. For your second shot later, don't forget to drink coconut water or vitamin c juice, and sleep well. That helps you to avoid negative side effects after vaccination.

I am now fully vaccinated. Thank you dear @anggreklestari! 🥰

Oh now I know why. I was craving for soup after my second Pfizer dose yesterday. I had the same symptom like you, really sore arm in 2 days. However, with my second one, I had a bit of sore arm, together with a light fever all day and the fatigue feeling. It only lasted for a day and now I feel normal again

I heard 2nd dose creates more side effects like fever. Good for you now you are better. And, I feel normal too now

My 2nd dose will come next month :)

Thank you. Good luck with your 2nd jab and remember to have your favourite warm soup ready as well, in case you will have the craving for a hot soup like me :)

hmmmm mushroom soup and garlic toast... sounds yummy... i love what you are wearing by the way, that pretty peach colour hem is so pretty.

have a nice day

People often add more nutrients to the body after vaccination when it causes fatigue and fever as a side effect. I suspect they inject me with distilled water because at least drinking 1 beer I still feel lightheaded :D