Sweet and teacher spicy ceker

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Materials that must be provided:

Clean chicken feet 1/2 kilogram
6 onions, then puree
Garlic 3 eggs, then puree
2 pieces of fresh red chili, then puree
Onion 1 fruit, chopped until smooth
15 pieces of cayenne pepper cut into small pieces
One stem of onion pods, cut into small pieces
Tomatoes 2 pieces, cut into small pieces
Ginger 2 cm, made flat
3 tablespoons oyster sauce
2 spoonful chili sauce
Pepper tea 1/4 tablespoon
Sweet soy sauce as needed
Salt as needed
Brown sugar as needed

Flavoring seasonings as needed
Clean water as needed
How to make sweet and savory spicy chicken feet:

Blended seasonings are then sauteed to produce a delicious aroma.
Then add tomatoes, chili sauce, onions, ginger and cayenne pepper.
Pour enough water to taste the sauteed seasoning, wait for it to boil.
Add the cleaned chicken feet into boiling water, wait until the water has shrunk.
Pour enough oyster sauce and sweet soy sauce, stir until evenly distributed.
Add brown sugar, pepper, flavoring, and salt, stir until the seasoning is completely absorbed and cooked.
Sweet and savory spicy chicken feet ready to be served with sprinkled onion pods

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