Monsoonal Comfort Food: Mushroom, Potato & Celery Soup

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When the monsoonal deluges fall, nothing is more nourishing or comforting than soup. And what better to use than mushrooms, which (honestly!) are almost growing on the walls in September. Yes, it IS that damp, hot & humid in monsoonal Thailand right now.

How many dishes can one possibly concoct from mushrooms? You'd be amazed!! We eat one variety or another almost everyday - they are absurdly cheap and EVERYWHERE.

The real challenge is to mix it up in terms of nuances and flvours, and to create something different from mushrooms. So, on a rainy Saturday I just about CHEERED to find the ONLY celery in the market. Western celery is considered an exotic vegetable and not eaten much by Thai people - it's grown locally for restaurants and tourist juice bars and, with most of them being still closed due to Covid-19, the celery too was unusually cheap. Scored!!

So - a creamy mushroom, potato & celery soup it was!

CeleryMushroomSoup6 2.jpg

I chose local Thai straw mushrooms, which grow on the stalks of the rice.

  • Two big handfuls of straw mushrooms (locally called Hed Fang)
  • 2 potatoes
  • 2 big stalks of celery, complete with leaves
  • 5 big cloves of garlic, finely chopped
  • Mineral Salt
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Thyme
  • A handful of fresh green spring onions
  • Half a cup of coconut cream.

First, a little chopping & slicing.

CeleryMushroomSoup5 2.jpg

Got my salt, herbs & spices ready:

CeleryMushroomSoup4 2.jpg

The chopped-sliced potato, mushroom and celery went into a pot with the salt, herbs & spices and the pot 3/4 filled with pure water. I brought it to a rapid boil.


Once boiling well, turn the heat down to very low, cover and leave to simmer for 30 to 40 mins, stirring occassionally, until the potato starts to break up a little.

Turn off the heat, add chopped spring onions and coconut cream, stir to blend and cover. Let it rest for just 5 mins to allow the flavour to meld.

Serve & enjoy!!

CeleryMushroomSoup1 2.jpg

Rich, creamy and flavourful!! And just so quick and easy to make.

What's YOUR favourite comfort soup on a rainy day? And what do YOU do with mountains of super cheap mushrooms? Look forward to your suggestions in the comments below.

Did it reheat well for Sunday brunch the next day? Oh yes. Like so many soups, arguably much better on Day 2. Served with a warm baguette.

Cook. Share. Enjoy.

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Comfort food one hundred percent! Put potatoes in anything and I'm in, especially a yummy soup. Mushrooms are featuring more in my cooking now that we have some awesome new shroom vendors at the farmers market here. I've been using the oyster mushrooms regularly, and just sauteed some to put in my quinoa last night. I did use some in a soup a few weeks ago myself for the first time in a while. I used to not like mushrooms at all, but that was when the only thing to be found was white button mushrooms that most often got cooked within an inch of their life or served raw which I'm not really a fan of. I'm sure you've got plenty of varieties there that I've never even heard of!

I am still learning EVERY FREAKIN' DAY about the seemingly endless variety of mushrooms here. You need to know HOW to cook them well. Marinated big shitakes and chucks of young courgette on a stick & BBQd is right up there on my fav list.


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The coconut cream makes for the final touch that truly does make it really nice and comforting to the soul especially this rainy season @artemislives :P

One day (soon I hope) I will visit you in PH and cook this for you!! Yes, you are right that the coconut cream gives that perfect final touch!


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Soooo yum..Thyme goes so well with mushrooms!!! And celery makes a soup. You must have been so happy to find it!!!! I've been making nothing but moong dahl as my winter soup this year.. so lazy. Maybe I'll go grab some celery!!!

I do love thyme too. Have to settle for the dried stuff mostly but for some reason imported Thyme is really cheap here. Thought of you yesterday as I made a moong dahl and added big chunks of potato and a mountain of sliced shitake mushrooms. Simmered overnight in the slow cooker - a meal in a bowl.

Gonna make it again and post about it - superb with simple steam broccoli on the side.


How TINGlish was that? Steam broccoli. 😆 SteamED broccoli. 😆

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Yum looks sooo good and sounds absolutely delicious, comfort food at its best! Sure it was even better the next day. I would be using Mushrooms is many dishes, simply fried with garlic and onions to have on toast or toss with pasta, add it to a Quiche etc etc, this is one of my favourite ingredients.

How can you EVER go wrong with stir fried mushrooms with garlic? Amazingly yum. We had them last night in pasta. Sooooo good!!


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That soup looks really super tasty 🤗

Yes, it really was. Super yum. Thank you for stopping by to say so. 😊


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